RACON Ratzke Consulting

RACON Ratzke Consulting

The environmental industry, which currently operates most successfully in large marketplaces dominated by small and midsize companies, has established itself at a high level from more than 20 years experience in developing and deploying environmental technologies. This industry has matured into one which provides internationally accepted competencies, and efficient business practices. But due to this development there are many of markets that do not allow growth, primarily due to increased levels of competition and an overall reduction of economically viable business opportunities. RACON can provide the professional support you need during the complex „Going global“ phase.

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Vosteens Kamp 7 , Hude , 27798 Germany

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Service provider
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Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

To attain growth, both - experience and know how - have to be professionally applied to growth-oriented aspects of the environmental marketplace.
Growth markets do exist in Europe – particularly amongst the new EU-member states. Foremost would be Poland, Czech Republic and the Baltic States. Outside of Europe, the expanding Asian region holds particular promise for properly positioned firms. However, it is not only for purposes of growth that farsighted small and medium sized companies should think about going international:
international networking will stimulate national, regional and local markets to become global marketplaces.

Therefore, going international today is not a question of size. Successful organizations are those that are fast - and implementation-oriented in their corporate decision-making cultures. RACON can provide the professional support you need during the complex „Going global“ phase.

RACON supports you not only with unparalleled technical competencies, but with proven multicultural expertise as well. Because: Each market is different. People are different. Markets and people have their own national characteristics.

Together with RACON into your business future

RACON delivers international competence for the development of new business opportunities to companies focused on the environmental services industry. Core competencies lie in the field of

  • Contaminated land treatment
  • Waste management
  • Wastewater treatment with low-end technical solutions
  • Green energy

  • supports the establishment of your international organisational and market entry structures – in your headquarters and abroad
  • delivers market studies – focused on your products and/or services
  • conveys partners for cooperation and sales
  • as a respected and influential member of a global network of preferred technology suppliers
  • utilises these extensive contacts for the benefit of organisations operating in markets with accumulated needs in environmental protection technologies. The greatest value comes to those firms which are interested in cooperating with experienced companies in this field

RACON provides competence – based on experience

  • Developed and established Joint Ventures in Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Norway
  • Managing Director and board member in a number of environmental companies in Italy, Norway, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland
  • External Sales Support Manager for an environmental company in the United States of America
  • Technical responsibility for all aspects of obtaining necessary government permits for soil treatment centers in Germany and Austria
  • Member of the working committee for “Standardisation of regulations for biological soil treatment centers”, EPA Northrhine Westfalia (Germany)

RACON is your partner on your way to explore new business potentials on international marketplaces.