Radscan Intervex AB

Radscan Intervex AB

Radscan AB was established in 1976, specializing in industrial energy sector and environmental management. The company had offices and manufacturing in Nyköping. In 1998 Radscan AB was acquired by Gunnar Råbe through his company Råbe Industriteknik. Gunnar Råbe who used to work for Bahco in Enköping could see the synergies between design and production in the wide field of energy sector. In 1999 a development company Fagersta Intervex AB was merged to form a joint company Radscan Intervex AB. Within only a few years flue gas condensation proved to have great potential and after 4 years we became the market leader.

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Ängsgärdsgatan 13 , Västerås , SE-721 30 Sweden
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We continue to be on that position with more than 50 unique projects in the reference list.
Although flue gas condensation has been the basis of most of the projects we have two other important techniques developed in the 00’s i.e.: condensate purification with membrane technology and flue gas desulphurization with Intervex reactor. Today the condensate purification is an important part of the condensation plant, nevertheless stand-alone water purification installations are a growing line of business.

Radscan's technology and market position has attracted national and international interest. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt visited us in 2008 at manufacturing site in Nyköping and in 2011 Radscan’s representatives were invited as a speaker to a Swedish state visit to Poland. Radscan is represented in Poland since 2003.

In 2009 Tomas Börgesson became the CEO after working as a project leader since 2002. In 2011 after the workshop in Nyköping closed down - Radscan Industriservice AB was formed to meet our customers' growing needs in this field.

Radscan has nearly 25-year history. Our engineers are among the most experienced as the process developers. We have a delivered next to one hundred projects of almost exclusively 'turn-key' type.

Each project is unique but by choosing Radscan as partner our experience and process knowledge can be utilised to find the best solution and seek out existing opportunities.

Finally, our experienced project managers make sure that the project is implemented in the best possible way.

Process Knowledge
Radscan's engineers have a strong background in process engineering. In the 80’s, we were the pioneers in the flue gas condensation. The 90's saw Intervex FGD Process development and in the 00’s the first condensate purification plant based on membrane technology was installed.

All installations are unique and customized according to client needs, this means that processes are constantly evolving and at the same time experience from previous plants can be used in the new ones.

Understanding the process and how it should be adapted to the unique client-specific installation characterize Radscan engineers.

We have over a long period of time been working on improving our deliveries and work methodically and traceable. While delivering industrial installations the put a lot of emphasis on the project management . We use the approach defined by the Project Management Institute, PMI and working with a tool developed by Faveo. The tool leads the work from the seller to the project manager and finally from the project manager to the end customer.

As a proof of our commitment to improve the traceability of our approach, safeguarding a safe and secure workplace for our employees and to protect the environment, we are now certified in:

  • Quality management ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental management ISO 14001:2004
  • Occupational Health And Safety Management OHSAS 18001:2007 & AFS 2001:01