Rain World Environmental Consultants

Rain World Environmental Consultants

RWEC provides services as to preferred Environmental, Occupational Environmental Health and Safety; Risk Assessment, and Plan Development to all industries to a global market. Environmental Systems Engineering, Water & Waste Water, Water & Air Quality, Regulatory Compliance, Eco-system Dynamics; Occupational EH & S, Ergonomics, Hearing Conservation, Sight Preservation, Wellness Programs; General Industry, Construction, Medical, Mining and other Occupational areas covered. Chemical Inventories, Hazardous Materials, Audits, Inspections, Investigations, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, Evacuation, Distractive Driving, Campus Safety, etc.With current and future changes in regulations companies that do not have plans, programs or polices in place, or are utilizing lagging indicators will fall behind. We offer site specific EH & S plans at reasonable pricing, and help you to become ISO 14000 and 18000 compliant.

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6825 S. 7th. St. PO Box 8038 , Phoenix , Arizona 85066 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Health and Safety Consulting and Engineering
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Globally (various continents)
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RWEC is a veteran owned business that has been in operation since 1989 and is incorporated in the State of Arizona. RWEC is a strong consultancy firm specializing in the delivery of service solutions in the domains of preferred Environmental,  and Occupational Environmental, Health & Safety, through business development of behavior based cultures within sustainable business processes. Together with our clients, we utilize Administrative & Engineering Controls as a business process. We design, develop, implement and help manage long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous EH & S business practices to identify risks reduce the exposure to them in a cost effective way. We develop, execute, incorporate, and uphold ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 26000. RWEC endeavors to work towards Goals in improving the larger and most important global issues, i.e., Social, Economic (green) and Environmental Sustainability. Government cannot do it all it will require cooperation from government, industry and everyday people to accomplish even the smallest measure of goals.


Our client base spans market industries, including but is not limited to: Agriculture, General Industry, Manufacturing, Construction, Government, Mining, Energy / Power Production, Oil & Gas, Health Care Facilities, R & D, Resorts/Hotels, Food Service, Property Management, Insurance Companies, etc., these are just to name only but  a few.


2011:  As critical times are hard to deal with, immense emphasis is upon World Water Month (March), Earth Month (April), and Global Safety Month (June) as ethical, moral and social issues around the globe. It will allow more time to organize increased activities of which to share information of awareness, gain more accurate knowledge, have better understanding, acquire wisdom, and motivate others into positive action, ...even become more compassionate towards others in need.

2010: Trends in cultural behavior driven based programs have changed with many Companies due to economics over the past seven years. Instead of the culture changing behavior, paradigm shifts have behavior now driving the culture. RWEC provides intergraded services to get you back on track with a renewed focus on purpose, objectives and goals.

2007: With economic changes RWEC stepped forward to embrace the need for specialized development of green and sustainable  EH & S culture based programs, policies, procedure, and plan development to exceed clients needs and regulatory compliance.

2005: Partnered with  PR Industries in the development of an aerial tank system for fighting forest fires, reseeding, herbicide and pesticide deployment. US Patent is For Sale.

1993: New services and growth allowed Company to make expanded market services nation wide and in Canada. Adopted RWEC as our new name.

1991: Company progressed further building upon preferred services by adding Occupational Environmental, Health & Safety.