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  • MK-III-LR Weather Long Range Stations - Accessories

  • RainWise WeatherLog - High Gain Antenna

    RainWise WeatherLog - High Gain Antenna

    This enclosed 12dBi enclosed yagi antenna has wide 45° beam angle. The antenna improves the range and signal strength of the 2.4 GHz transmitters. It is easy to install and can replace standard 2.1dBi omnidirectional antennas.

  • RainWise - Model MK-III-LR - Radio Repeater

    RainWise - Model MK-III-LR - Radio Repeater

    The MK-III-LR radio repeater was designed to improve signal quality between the MK-lll-LR weather station and receiving devices in situations where direct line-of-site is not possible or where obstacles impede the transmission of radio signal. Repeaters can be used to obtain a continuous signal around corners or boost a weak signal within buildings. Multiple repeaters can be used should this be necessary.

  • RainWise - Ethernet Adapter

    RainWise - Ethernet Adapter

    Serial to Ethernet Adapter for the MK-III Computer Interface. The Ethernet Adapter allows you to connect the MK-III computer interface directly to an Ethernet network.