Ramim was established in 2012, a collaboration between `Mayim - Environment & Technology` and Moshav Ramat Magshimim, aiming to effectively resolve the ever growing problem of sludge disposal. Ramim initiated an innovative, closed, automated, in-situ composting process, the most cost effective, valuable solution for sludge treatment. The Ramim team includes engineers from a variety of fields and Israeli experts in sludge treatment and organic composting processes. The disposal of farming waste is a growing concern worldwide due to the fear of soil contamination and environmental nuisances. The Ramim process offers a local solution for the treatment of farming waste, producing valuable and high quality compost, while eliminating transportation costs and preventing leachate, odor and fly nuisances.

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19 Yefe Nof St., POB 1562, , Yokne`am Illit , 2061502 Israel

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Sludge Management
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Globally (various continents)

Ramim is a privately owned company engaging in the development, design, manufacturing, construction and operation of closed and automatic systems for the treatment of organic wastes, including:

  • WWTP Sludge

  • Organic Industrial Sludge

  • Domestic Organic Sludge

  • Animal Carcasses

  • Manure

We offer BOT and turn-key projects, including long-term operation. Each project is custom made to suit our client's needs and characteristics.

WWTP Sludge

WWTP sludge is one of the fastest growing global environmental problems due to high levels of organic matter, pathogenic bacteria and viruses and the impact on the environment.

The Ramim process is a simple and effective solution for treating the sludge at the WWTP site, producing class A sludge, clean of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, which is suitabe for agricultural use.

Organic Industrial Sludge
The Ramim process is suitable for a wide variety of industrial wastes containing high concentrations of organic matter, such as the paper industry, food and meat processing industries and more.

Domestic Organic Waste

Separation of waste at source is becoming a global trend, reducing the burden on landfills, saving transportation costs and preventing environmental nuisances, though the product of the separation process must be treated.

The Ramim process provides a local solution for treating domestic organic waste and produces valuable compost, while cutting transportation costs and eliminating odor and fly nuisances.

Ramim provides the following solutions in the field of closed and automatic systems for the treatment of organic wastes:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Turn-key and BOT projects