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Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding is a Regina hydroseeding company that offers innovative re-vegetation, grass seeding, dust control, reclamation, landscaping and erosion control solutions for all types of residential, commercial, government, industrial and oilfield projects. Since our inception in 2008, Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding has grown to become the most Trusted Regina hydroseed applicators and landscape contractors and our track record speaks for itself. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding is a family-owned and operated business and our extensive client list includes many reputable construction companies, land developers, engineering firms, consultants, landscapers, property managers and homeowners. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction by doing the job right the first time and on budget, with NO surprises. To ensure superior results, we use only premium quality environmentally friendly hydro-mulches, organic soil amendments, fertilizers, tackifiers & eco-friendly water saving grass seed products.

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Hydroseeding is a process of mixing grass seed, organic soil amendments and fertilizer, tackifier and wood fiber-mulch with water in correct proportions inside a mechanical hydroseeding machine, then spraying the mixture or “slurry” onto the designated soil areas. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding uses only top quality wood-based hydro-mulches and tackifiers they are far superior than less expensive paper mulches. Wood fiber hydro-mulches also have a much greater water holding capacity for fast germination and growth, and prevents soil erosion from wind and water. In fact, we are so confident in our results that we fully GUARANTEE that your lawn grass will fully establish within 1 year, or we will re-seed your new lawn for FREE (some conditions apply).

Hydroseeding and hydro-mulching can be used in all types of residential and commercial construction grass seeding projects, oil and gas site reclamation, slope protection and ditch erosion control, or even to replace an old expired lawn. Hydroseeding is a fast, easy and economical alternative to sodding. You can have a beautiful, healthy, durable lawn at a fraction of the cost of sodding.

Residential and Acreage Hydroseeding: You’ve built your beautiful new home and now it’s time to tackle the landscaping. A nice lush green lawn can greatly add value and curb appeal to your home, but have you checked out the price of sod lately…ouch! Wouldn’t you rather keep that money in your pocket, or put more money into other landscaping features such as an irrigation system, trees, shrubs, patios or a water feature? And what if the imported sod doesn’t “take” due to differences in soil types and other factors. How about DIY broadcast seeding? We’ve all tried it and failed…ending up fighting with a patchy lawn for years to come. Whether you have 1,000 sq ft or many acres, Hydroseeding may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Commercial Hydroseeding: Have you ever driven by a ditch, construction site or overpass and saw the green “stuff” covering the soil? If so, this is called Hydroseeding. It works great for many different types of commercial applications and construction projects. We work closely with engineers, consultants, general contractors, landscapers and project managers to help re-establish vegetation and stabilize areas that are prone to erosion. If you have a project where you need to grow grass, control dust, protect slopes or prevent erosion, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

Oilfield, Drilling and Mine Reclamation: The Saskatchewan energy sector is booming! Oil and gas exploration and drilling is at an all time high. And Saskatchewan’s potash industry is growing rapidly with new potash mines being built and existing ones expanding quickly. This is great news for our provinces economy, but let’s not forget about the effects of this activity on the environment. Hydroseeding is a perfect solution for reclaiming and re-vegetating oilfields, oil and gas drilling sites, potash mines and coal mine sites throughout Saskatchewan. With the environment in mind, we work closely with site managers and project engineers to ensure the sites are returned back to their original state. Faster and more effective than conventional seeding, hydroseeding is the preferred method of re-vegetating your oilfield, drilling or potash mine sites. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Regina Landscaping Contractors: In conjunction with hydroseeding, we offer full service landscape design, landscape consulting, landscape construction and bobcat skid steer services for residential and commercial properties in Regina and area. Our experienced, professional and courteous landscape crews can assist you with any aspect of your Regina landscaping project including: irrigation systems, topsoil supply and hauling, trees and shrubs, turf grass seed, sod, patios, fences, sub grading, final grading and numerous other services.

Why Choose Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding?

  1. Hydroseeding is our business! Not a sideline like many of the other local companies. We are committed to our customers and only use high quality products and leading edge equipment and technologies to ensure your job is done right…the first time!
  2. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding is a family-owned Regina hydroseeding and landscaping business that is owned and operated by Monte and Jamie Dobson. With an extensive corporate background in Agriculture and a University Degree in Environmental Science and Agronomy from the University of Saskatchewan, Monte has specialized knowledge and a unique skill-set to successfully “grow grass” for any kind of project. We are committed to our community and support many local initiatives, sports teams and fundraisers.
  3. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding offers innovative re-vegetation, grass seeding, dust control, reclamation, landscaping and erosion control solutions for all types of residential, commercial, government, industrial and oilfield projects. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding is the only dedicated hydroseeding company in Southern Saskatchewan capable of tackling any size of job and our focus on workmanship and customer satisfaction is second to none.
  4. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding is an equal opportunity employer with an impeccable safety record. We are also members of many organizations including: Regina Better Business Bureau, Regina Chamber of Commerce, Trusted Regina, IECA (International Erosion Control Association) and the IAHP (International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals).
  5. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding prides ourselves in being a “one stop shop” for all your Saskatchewan hydroseeding and Regina landscaping needs. In conjunction to hydroseeding, we also offer: Regina bobcat skid steer service, topsoil supply and material hauling, irrigation systems, small scale excavation, sod, weed management and control, weed spraying, property maintenance, custom spraying, custom mowing, snow removal, snow hauling, project management and consulting and numerous other services. If we don’t do it, we have an extensive network of professionals across Saskatchewan and Canada and will find an expert in your area to ensure the job is done correctly!

Hydroseeding is a process of mixing seed, fertilizer, tackifier and wood/straw fiber-mulch with water in correct proportions inside a tank, then spraying the mixture onto designated areas. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding uses only top quality wood/straw based mulch, as it is a far superior product than paper mulch, and provides excellent results for our customers. Hydroseeding can be used in new construction projects or even to replace an old expired lawn. Hydroseeding is a fast, easy and economical alternative to sodding. You can have a beautiful, healthy, durable lawn at a fraction of the cost of sodding. Hydroseeding is a relatively new concept to Saskatchewan, but is widely used in the residential and commercial construction markets in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and in the USA. In fact, because of the overwhelming success in the United States sod farms have become virtually obsolete in some states.

There are reasons hydroseeding works so well. The seed is suspended in a nutrient rich slurry. The contact of the seed with the water in the machine triggers the germination cycle. Once applied to the soil, the material enhances initial growth by providing a microenvironment beneficial to seed germination. The seed is at an ideal depth for good results. The conditions are right to produce a lush green lawn in a very short time.

After hydroseeding, your property will have a nice green appearance from the mulch in the spray mix. The grass should begin to come up in 10-14 days depending on soil temperatures and moisture. Your lawn should be ready to mow in 6-8 weeks under good growing conditions.

Hydroseeding provides flexibility for homeowners needing different varieties of seed while at the same time being completely environmentally friendly.

Hydroseeding has a Variety of Uses

New home lawns may be the largest single defined market for hydroseeding. Other landscape applications are also significant. Hydroseeding is being used more and more in new golf course construction. Each of these applications is usually irrigated, and the turf resulting from the application is usually classified as “fine turf”. Sod Quality Results can be achieved almost every time when appropriate amounts of quality wood mulch and tackifiers are used.

New highway construction always needs new grass planted. Grass is frequently needed on mine sites, and reclamation of mine sites has increased with the recent concerns for the environment. Utility construction areas frequently need grass after pipe lines or power lines have been constructed. The list of places for planting grass in these “non turf quality” areas seems to be endless. Hydroseeding is frequently used on these large areas to be more economical. Hydroseeding can work well on these “non-irrigated” areas, if the conditions are not too hot and dry.

We provide hydroseeding services to all sizes of projects, from large highway construction and reclamation to acreages and residential lots.


  • Acreages
  • Residential Lots
  • Hillsides
  • Lawn Replacement
  • Roadsides
  • Erosion Control Projects
  • Sport Fields
  • Golf Courses
  • Utility Trench Lines
  • Construction Restoration Sites
  • Parks/School Yards
  • Cemeteries
  • Oil Field Restoration
  • Site Restoration
  • The list goes on…

Hydroseeding is a growing trend that fits many applications. If you have a project that you think Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding may work for, but you are unsure what it’s all about, please feel free to contact us anytime.