RAW Handel und Beratungs GmbH

RAW Handel und Beratungs GmbH

RAW absorb&clean – your partner with technical competence for environmental protection and workplace safety – has been represented in the European market over the specialized trade for many years. Our suppliers produce according to our quality specifications and they are well versed in their job. Manufacturing and dealer-oriented distribution band consequently together for the good of our sales partners. RAW offers even more …choice of good products and security for the trade.

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Grünstraße 5, Hugstetten , March , D - 79232 Germany
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Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Protection

R.A.W. Handel und Beratungs GmbH distributes products for preventing damage. We are thus close to our customers in their everyday working and living conditions. For this reason, one of the most important prerequisites is to produce and process our products in such a way that poses no health hazard and is environmentally friendly.

Awareness of environmental protection already begins for us with planning of our products. We want to treat the environment with respect, to use resources economically and to produce as little waste as possible. This is part of how we see ourselves as a modern company and this principle belongs to our company philosophy.

Besides economic efficiency and quality, occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection are among the priority objectives of the company and, at the same time, they are part of the work task of each employee. The responsibility of human beings for the environment is established as the central guiding principle within our Corporate Mission Statement.

Environment and health are the most important basic resources on which life depends. It is essential to preserve and to protect them:

  • In performing all our activities, we want to prevent ecological damage or health impairment of our employees as far as possible.
  • We not only comply with existing and new laws but we also want to continually and systematically improve our internal occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection.
  • We utilise raw materials, supplies and energy economically.
  • Waste avoidance has the first priority. If it is not possible and economically feasible, we strive to recycle waste generated in the highest possible amount.
  • We reduce the amount of product and transport packaging used and only utilise a technically necessary and economically viable quantity. Whenever possible, we use systems with returnable items.

When choosing raw materials and technologies used in the process, we pay attention to minimize risks to human health and environment.

Quality Policy

The quality policy is an essential part of the company policy and is based on the Corporate Mission Statement.

Customer satisfaction is our top quality objective. Customer confidence in our company shall continue to be strengthened thanks to a constant improvement of our products and services.

We challenge ourselves to always offer high, competitive expertise and quality. This not only applies to our external customers but also to the intra-company customer-vendor relationships.

As a company, we are committed to make our employees aware of this task. Each employee should take up this task in order to pass on, in his work, the quality expected of him. We can achieve this aim by setting clear quality objectives and defining precise areas of responsibility.

Quality assurance for the own area of responsibility is the duty and commitment of every single one; thus each individual plays a part in the success of the company.

To ensure that employees are qualified, they are provided with additional job-oriented training.

In order to continuously improve our management system, we carry out periodic, scheduled assessments or we commission independent audits to conduct assessments.

Our Mission Statement

The basic elements of our business philosophy constitute the success of our company, the satisfaction of our customers, the motivation of our employees and the respect for natural resources; thus it is essential:

  • Human beings bear a central and highly significant responsibility for their environment. This principle also applies to our company. Damage prevention should aim at improving the quality of life.
  • The customer is our most important partner. We place his needs at the centre of everything we do. We strive to always offer a high level of expertise and quality.
  • We have organized our business into divisions that are responsible for a profitable growth and their results. This requires a customer-oriented approach and prompt decision making. All workflows are geared to the needs of the core business with the objective of enhancing the efficiency of the company. Our collaboration is informative and outright. Reciprocal communication shall take place at all levels of the hierarchy.
  • The success of R.A.W. is based on the fact that each employee understands and performs his or her task with a sense of responsibility. Each one represents the company in public and contributes to a continued development. We provide our employees with adequate additional training and development possibilities. We expect an above-average performance and a high degree of personal responsibility. To this end, the necessary leeway shall be given. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  • Basically, we aim to reward our staff for their success and performance. For this purpose we develop incentive schemes and arrange target agreements and we gradually implement them at different levels.
  • To be a superior is not to be assumed as a privilege but a commitment to leading employees cooperatively and purposefully. Motivating and friendly manners bind all employees together.
  • In every respect, we are committed to act in accordance with existing laws. In performing our business activities, we comply with legal regulations and obligations.
  • We actively and systematically stand up for occupational safety and environmental protection. In this regard our vision represents the basis of our business activities.
  • We provide proof of the effectiveness and constant improvement of our documented Management System by carrying out internal assessments and by commissioning external audits (e.g. customers and independent certification bodies) to conducts assessments.
  • We deliberately assume social responsibility and social obligations in tune with the interests of the company.

Our Corporate Objectives

These are framework objectives and they are periodically measured and checked:

  • Profitability – branch-oriented “best in class”
  • Competitive advantages due to innovations in products and services
  • Sustainable corporate development
  • Attractive employer for the employees
  • Excellence in organisation and processes
  • Performance of our activities in accordance with the existing laws at any time
  • Profitability, quality, environmental protection as well as occupational health and safety are four equal corporate objectives