Our company will build and install 4 to 30 megawatt waste to energy systems using green technologies. Quality Recycling provides affordable waste to energy systems for the recycling industry. Quality Recycling & RCBC Technologies designed the rotary cascading bed combuster for material recovery, while providing the best way to recycle solid waste to achieve global sustainable energy. The by-product of the RCBC can be used not only for enough energy to power an entire community, but also for materials in concrete block, MFD and an eco friendly dirt we call X-soil. Our company's goal is zero land-filling. The pollution and global trash problem will be solved using RCBC technology.

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104 1st Ave East , Hendersonville , North Carolina 28792 USA

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Quality Recycling Equipment, Inc. is a distributor for some of the major manufacturers of recycling equipment in the world. These companies include Airborn, AU&T, BK Macchine (formerly Taurus), Dover Conveyors, RCBC Technologies and Wagner. These companies have seen strong growth over the last 15 years due to the growing emphasis on the need for recycling throughout the world.

Quality Recycling has also established a partnership with a Ukrainian firm with the goal to recycle discharged military equipment and materials. The company is registered under Ukrainian Technology Holding.

Waste management and recycling are national problems. Each person creates three to six pounds of waste per day. That equals 1,095 to 2,190 pounds per year per person. We are currently recycling less than 10% of our waste products, yet we have had much growth in the industry. Imagine the growth we can anticipate in order to reach recycling goals of 50% to 60%. There are currently thousands of municipalities, companies and federal and state governments that are considered potential customers. The buying and reselling of new and used equipment does not have any physical boundaries. Quality Recycling has completed a number of projects within the continental United States, Korea, Canada and Europe.

We are preparing to bring a major growth to the Material Recovery market in the United States via the Waste to Energy program we have developed with RCBC Technology. This will be a tremendous growth opportunity for our company and will allow us to become a major factor in the sale of channel presses, balers and complete recovery systems for this country. Quality Recycling also sells used equipment and brokers scrap metal and plastic.

The RCBC program is a market in itself and will bring about a revolution in sales.

Quality Recycling Equipment, Inc. offers many competitive advantages to customers. First and foremost is service. Quality Recycling prides itself on the ability to answer their customer’s needs. When the need arises, they are able to locate and sell the equipment to the customer. Second is variety. Because Quality Recycling does not manufacture the equipment, they are not restricted in the type of equipment that they sell. If the market goes down in paper, Quality Recycling can concentrate on the metals market until the paper market comes back up and vice versa. Also, customers do not need to contact 10 manufacturers to develop a Material Recovery Facility. Instead they call Quality Recycling to handle all of the communications between the manufacturers, haulers, and installers.

Quality Recycling Equipment, Inc. has built Material Recovery Facilities for Atkinson County, Georgia; Anderson County, Tennessee; Georgetown County, South Carolina; Oconee County, South Carolina; Greenwood County, South Carolina; and Jefferson County, Georgia.

The Department of Energy agreement, which allowed Quality Recycling Equipment, Inc. to purchase metals from them for release and recycling, was a major success. Copies of the success stories prove Quality Recycling Equipment, Inc.’s capabilities even in a high profile job.

We have merged with RCBC for the launch of our new compnay.

We are now RCBC Global Inc. We have several projects that we are about to launch. We are very excited to see what will happen with our new venture to implement wast-to-energy technology to the world. It will be amazing. Imagine a system that uses 61 different fuels, all waste material and even high sulfur coal SAFELY with no harfum emissions? Sounds too good to be true? It is definately not.