Re-source Waste

Re-source Waste, strategically based in Daventry Northamptonshire provides exceptional quality, cost effective, bespoke Recycling and Waste Management Solutions to businesses throughout the UK and Europe. Over 15 years experience with many international waste management companies provides the expertise to offer innovative, good quality service and advice backed up by 1st class management support.

Company details

Daventry , Northamptonshire United Kingdom

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The aim of Re-source Waste is to provide a cost effective and professional service to suit our clients’ individual needs.

Quality- Using only committed personnel, Re-source Waste provides a quality assurance and level of consistency that their clients expect

Service- Re-source Waste is committed to offering a professional service whilst maintaining the highest standards of technical and legal expertise, ensuring our clients ever changing needs are met

Values- Re-source Waste creates an environment whereby everyone is committed to improving the quality of the company through a sense of individual and shared responsibility

In order to achieve these objectives it is the policy of Re-source Waste to establish and maintain an effective quality management system.

Re-source Waste believes that all aspects of its’ own operation should be carried out in such a way as to have minimal adverse effects on the environment. Re-source Waste has therefore adopted the following environmental policy that provides a framework for setting and reviewing its’ objectives and targets.

The key environmental issues for Re-source Waste are:

  1. The environmental performance of sub-contractors
  2. The environmental performance of company cars
  3. Resource use of waste generated from the company’s own activities
  4. Existing and potential releases to the environment from activities carried out at Re-source Wastes’ office premises.

Re-source Waste will assess all areas of its activities, products and services with respect to its impact on the environment and incorporate those practicable procedures and controls necessary to prevent environmental damage and pollution.

Re-source Waste will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and with those environmental standards to which it will from time to time subscribe

In order to achieve these objectives it is the policy of Re-source Waste to establish and maintain effective environmental management systems.

Re-source Waste provides services relating to all types of waste disposal with a focus on, Total waste management solutions nationwide to include, but not limited to, the collection and disposal of; Liquid Wastes, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Wastes, and Recycled Wastes.

Re-source accepts its responsibilities under legislation and is committed to operating as a safe and efficient waste management company. We aim to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees, other workers, visitors and the public who are involved in, or affected by, our activities. The avoidance of death, injury or ill health to anyone who comes into contact with our operations is a priority in how we manage our business. Resources and arrangements are in place to manage health and safety through identifying hazards, and then eliminating, controlling or managing risks to people and property and the environment.

Our Policy is to:

  • Operate in accordance with health and safety best practice with legal compliance as a minimum requirement
  • To maintain and continuously improve on our safety procedures
  • Develop, maintain and continuously improve upon a positive health and safety culture that takes the required steps to identify hazards, control risks and prevent incidents.
  • Maintain and develop a dedicated team of health and safety managers and advisors to support and advise all levels of the Re-source Waste staff
  • Set high standards of health and safety management for our managers and staff and require the same commitment from our suppliers
  • Plan and provide appropriate communication, education, training, and resources to implement the health and safety policy
  • Establish and meet internal targets in order to achieve our defined objectives
  • Seek continual improvement in health and safety performance through regular assessment and review
  • Consult with all of those involved in our work operations on safety and health matters and promote strong ownership at all levels.


Focused Re-Source

Let Resource take care of the details There are many things Resource can do to solve your immediate waste management needs and in the longer term foster an internal ethos of care and concern within your organisation. Above all we aim to manage your full waste portfolio, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Committed Re-Source

There is often a potential for a reduction of waste to landfill in the short term. Resource concentrate on identifying individual waste streams and probable volumes, dealing with these streams specifically, committed to advancing recovery, recycling and cost savings.

Tailored Re-Source

Our services are flexible, tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Strategic Resources

  • Central purchasing solution
  • Dedicated account management
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • Proactive reporting
  • Concise invoicing
  • Access to specialised service providers
  • Increased in recycling activities
  • Continual Evolution
  • Reductions in Overall Waste Costs

Re-Source Objective

To create Sustainable Environmental Solutions through Tailored Waste Management Strategies, providing immediate Cost Effective Results.

Innovative Re-Source

Resource Waste has built a reputation for creating innovative answers to challenging problems.

Taking inspiration from outside of the “waste arena”, we pride ourselves on our diversity, maximising our ability to continuously adapt and evolve our Waste Management ideas.

Measurable Re-Source

Tangible evidence is the “key” to our success. Our proactive report packages are designed to be flexible, allowing us to create a report that clearly substantiates your Waste Management, Recycling and Cost Saving successes.

Sustainable Re-Source

Our Mission: “To consistently provide Waste Management Solutions which contribute to the quality of the environment on a long term basis”