RECIPNEU - Empresa Nacional de Reciclagem de Pneus, Lda.

RECIPNEU - Empresa Nacional de Reciclagem de Pneus, Lda.

RECIPNEU - Empresa Nacional de Reciclagem de Pneus, Lda.

Production of Cryogenic Rubber Powders and Granulates and the profitable valorization of all materials resulting from end of life tires recycling, through applications with market value and benefits perception.

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Parque Industrial de Sines - Apartado 26 , Sines , 7521-901 Portugal
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

RECIPNEU assumes a leader position in cryogenic granulates quality and customer’s satisfaction.

This is the outcome of a Vision:
To provide unique products with intrinsic value both to the Customer and the Society, through highly advanced technological processes, which are all together economically viable, environmentally sustainable and ethically exemplar.

This vision is accomplished by a balanced strategy of short and long term targets, grounding in:

  • Research and development as tools for innovation;
  • Continuous training;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Market’s segmentation;
  • Positive discrimination of the cryogenic granulate;
  • Reasonable and emotional value to the Customer;
  • Company’s Valuation and sustainability.

RECIPNEU is aware of the importance that its products and activities confer either to Society or Environment. RECIPNEU’s code of conduct assumes Quality, Environment, Safety and Health policies as its tenets; the company understands such values as a requirement for productivity, competitiveness, and ethical sustained development.

RECIPNEU produces recycled polymers – rubber granulates, from end of life tires, since 2000. In RECIPNEU the implemented technology is the Cryogenic Process. It is an innovative and high-tech technology able to produce high quality cryogenic rubber granulates, demanded for applications as raw material and final product.

The main applications of the cryogenic granulate are:

  • Rubber Infilling for artificial turf football fields;
  • Low-noise road pavements (Asphalt rubber);
  • Horse arenas (Hi-shock absorption and no compacting surfaces for arenas and horse ridding);
  • Raw material for the polymer-processing industry;

RECIPNEU is currently the most notorious European producer, offering cryogenic rubber granulates. The company exports its products to countries ranging from the USA to Russia, countries in the Middle East and Africa. The company exports over 60% of its sales.

RECIPNEU is responsible for recycling around 40% of end of life tires produced in Portugal, as it asserts itself as one of the main agents for end of life tires valorization in Portugal.

End products incorporating cryogenic granulates are environmentally-friendly:

  • Non-contaminating artificial turf pitches and pavements;
  • Low-noise roads;
  • Ecological materials.


Sports Surfaces

  • Artificial turf infilling of football and rugby pitches
  • Artificial turf infilling of golf courses

Low-noise Road Pavements

  • Asphalt rubber
  • Ecological Asphalt Blends.

Surfaces for Equestrian Sport
Surfaces for Children’s Playgrounds
Raw material – Industry of Rubber Products

Other Products


  • Raw material for Steel works


  • Energetic valorization
  • Raw material for Thermal insulation and acoustic Panels Industry


  • Raw material for rubber granulate
  • Inert replacement in Civil works soils preparation
  • Embankment stabilizers
  • Bridge embankment in compressible foundation soils