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  • Model WS-H16 - Benchtop Wire Stripping Machine Strip Wire Scrap Copper WS-H16

    Model WS-H16 - Benchtop Wire Stripping Machine Strip Wire Scrap Copper WS-H16

    Bench Top Automatic Wire Stripping Machine. This machine will strip wire .12' - 1' (3mm - 25mm) copper wire. The WRS15 mounts easily to any bench or work station. It easily connects to a drill, turning this machine from a manual wire stripper to an automatic wire stripper. It is estimated that it strips 450 inches/min. •Mounts easily to any bench or work station •High quality light weight construction made of durable aluminum •Used for removing the...

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  • REC - Baling Wire

    REC - Baling Wire

    Recycling Equipment Corporation is a major supplier and direct sales dealer of Industrial Baling Wire, aka 'Bailing Wire' or ' Bail Wire', baler tier parts and tier repairs. REC stocks and sells all types of baling wire in multiple warehouses around the country.  REC ships quantities from a single bundle of Single Loop Bale Ties, Bail Ties, up to heavily discounted prices on truck load quantities of Boxed Baling Wire, aka Box Bailing Wire, or...

  • Recycling Equipment - Balers

  • REC-BACE - Model V63HD - Vertical Downstroke Baler

    REC-BACE - Model V63HD - Vertical Downstroke Baler

    Performance; Nominal Bale Size : 60' x 30' x 48'. Bale Weight : Up to 1100 lbs OCC. Bale Volume : 50 cu. ft.. No. of Bale Tie Slots : 6. Compact Force lbs - Normal / Maximum : 62,202 / 67,857. Average Cycle Time : 46 Seconds. Loading Height : 49.50'. Ejector System : Semi-Automatic. Max Height -Top of Cylinder : 11'-10.5'.

  • Recycling Equipment - Shredders

  • Ameri-Shred - Model AMS-PT2500 - Dual Shaft Shredder

    Ameri-Shred - Model AMS-PT2500 - Dual Shaft Shredder

    Lightly Used Ameri-Shred AMSPT2500 Dual Shaft Shredder; Shred Width: 1 1/2'. Motor/voltage: 25 HP / 460 V 3 Phase. Cutters: 18' Dia. Hooked Cutters. Control Panel: Included. Assembly: Individually stacked Cutters and Spacers with Locking System. Shafts: Hex-Alloy Material. Combers: Laser Burned Steel. Drive: Single Reducer with Spur Gears installed in Oil Bath. Riser/Stand: Included. Feed Opening: 36' X 16'. Features: Auto Reverse Feature - Auto...

Products by American Baler Company

  • Closed-Door Horizontal Balers

  • Auto Tie Horizontal Balers

  • Model 43HS Series - Horizontal Baler

    Model 43HS Series - Horizontal Baler

    American Balers PAC Series horizontal baler was designed for use in printers, box plants, document destruction, textile and etc.  Material can be air conveyed or mechanically conveyed.  Our PAC Series produces a mill or export size bale from material that is primarily either trim, shredded or die cuts.

  • Model 29N - Single Ram Baler

    Model 29N - Single Ram Baler

    The 29N Single Ram Series baler was designed for applications where tough materials like single/double/triple wall OCC shreds and trim, DLK, signatures, plastics and beverage cans are being baled and maximum bale density is required. These 29N Series balers are available with or without a shear blade and can be conveyor fed or fed with an air conveying system.

  • Distribution Centers Balers

    Distribution Centers Balers

    DC BalersSpecifically designed for Distribution Centers. The DC Balers were designed specifically for facilities who handle whole upright boxes.  We also have the 42WS Series that can handle flattened corrugated boxes.  The DC Balers can be used with shredders in high volume applications.

  • Model 42W Series - Single Ram Horizontal Baler

    Model 42W Series - Single Ram Horizontal Baler

    42W Series single ram horizontal balers are designed for small to medium sized MRF’s, Transfer Stations, Paper Brokers, and Printers / Converters. The 42W Balers are also used in Distribution OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACenters for set-up and flattened cartons since the wide mouth feed openings are ideal for these applications. The 42W Balers are available with three different feed opening sizes, three cylinder sizes, and six motor HP sizes and each...

  • Model 43HS - Balers

    Model 43HS - Balers

    The 43HS Balers are designed for medium to large sized MRF’s, Paper Brokers. Handles OCC, printers mix, Office Paper, Newspaper, Plastic and light aluminum. With a 43 x 43 cross section the 43HS Balers will maximize bale weights with high production thru-put numbers.

  • Automatic Baling Machine

    Automatic Baling Machine

    American Baler builds the single ram automatic baling machine with the following features that are suitable for most paper recycling applications. If you are a paper or plastic recycler American Baler will have a single ram automatic baling machine that will meet your needs. Plus we offer the best baler warranty in the business!

  • Model OCC - 8072HSL-11225 - High Production Horizontal Baler

    Model OCC - 8072HSL-11225 - High Production Horizontal Baler

    American Balers model 8072HSL-11225 horizontal baler is designed with a big 80″ x 72″ feed opening to handle bulky OCC fed from any direction with one or more conveyors.  The 8072HSL-11225 with a high speed side ram bales more material per ram stroke resulting in increased OCC hourly production and produces an “export” bale size that can be easily loaded into sea containers.

  • Two Ram Balers

  • Model WB Series - Two Ram Baler

    Model WB Series - Two Ram Baler

    Our Wide Box Two Ram balers offer an economical solution for paper brokers and recyclers who have multiple grades that need to be baled.  The WB Series is available with 6′ and 8′ feed opening lengths and multiple HP options.

  • Model NB Series - Two Ram Baler

    Model NB Series - Two Ram Baler

    The NB Series Two Ram baler is specifically designed to be a versatile machine that can handle multiple grades of material.  The NB Series gives the operators the ability to have different setups for baling wire to be placed around the bale to hold memory retentive material. The NB Series baler allows for multiple grade setups for baling multiple grades.

  • Model N620LP - Two Ram Baler

    Model N620LP - Two Ram Baler

    The N620LP two ram baler was designed specifically for light weight materials to ensure maximum product being compressed with each stroke.  The N620LP with the lid press ensures that all material loaded into the charge box area is pressed down before the main plunger compresses forward.  This ensures maximum infeed density per stroke. The N620LP baler can be operated with/without lid press to provide flexibility with materials.

Products by Hustler Conveyor Company

  • Conveyors - Steel Belt

  • Model D-4 Cat - Track Conveyor

    Model D-4 Cat - Track Conveyor

    Each D4 CAT Track Type conveyor is engineered with a custom, robust design to handle the heaviest work load. Utilizing D4 CAT Track Type belt components consisting of D4 chain, tailed grousers, and rollers allow for reliable strength and endurance in harsh conditions. The completely shop fitted and welded conveyor frame construction is an open frame design braced and reinforced for rigidity in all plans. Designed to be variable speed, hydraulic or...

  • Double Beaded Pan Style Conveyors

    Double Beaded Pan Style Conveyors

    Hustler’s alternative for your mid-size lower tonnage capacity infeed system is our heavy duty, Double Beaded Overlapping Pan Conveyor. Stub pins and bolt-on pans allow for quick belting replacement.

  • Conveyors

  • Roller Chain Belt Conveyors

    Roller Chain Belt Conveyors

    Hustler Roller Chain Belt Conveyors are an exceptional lower cost alternative to steel belting in lighter duty applications. They are used often to feed a sort line or as an infeed into a baler. The belting on this type of conveyor is either a multiply rubber or PVC style, based on application. Our belting is available in a variety of thicknesses, plys, and materials with widths from 18' to 104'. Performance by these belts is highly efficient.

  • Heavy Duty Flat Belt Sliders

    Heavy Duty Flat Belt Sliders

    Heavy-duty Flat Belt Sliders offer many advantages for material recovery. Fewer moving parts reduce maintenance problems and downtime. Spillage is virtually eliminated. Profits can be increased as Hustler flat belt sliders operate at speeds exceeding 150 fpm. Plus, optional variable speed drives make the Hustler flat belt slider ideal for easier, safer, more efficient sorting. Available up to 96' wide, in virtually any length.

  • Oscillators

  • Fiberglass Oscillators

    Fiberglass Oscillators

    Hustler Conveyor light-duty oscillators use fiberglass rocker arms. Units can be built to virtually any width and length to fit your system.

  • Heavy Duty Oscillators

    Heavy Duty Oscillators

    Our heavy duty oscillators come with (¾' diameter) 650 steel springs. Units can be built to virtually any width or length to fit your system.

  • Screens

  • Fines Removal Screens

    Fines Removal Screens

    Hustler Fines Screens feature abrasive resistant steel discs spaced to remove fines but not containers from the system. For enhanced safety they include harness tie offs, guards, and disconnects. Our fines screens come in 72' wide and use premium efficiency inverter duty electric motors. Supports and chutes can be custom designed to meet specific requirements.

  • Model OCC - Screens

    Model OCC - Screens

    For improved separation of varying material mixes, each deck of our OCC Screens features a dedicated drive for independent deck speed control. Our OCC Screens are 78' wide, include two 15' decks, 26' diameter abrasive resistant steel discs, and inverter duty brake motors. Supports and chutes can be custom designed to meet specific requirements.

  • Other Products

  • Trommel Screens

    Trommel Screens

    Hustler Conveyor Trommel Screens screen out fines, dirt, and other trash prior to separation. They size and classify materials like solid waste, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, and much more. Each trommel screen unit is designed to meet your exact application needs for your system. Screens are made from tough abrasion-resistant alloy plate.

  • Drum Feeders

    Drum Feeders

    Hustler Conveyor’s 5' diameter drum feeders use channel reinforcements welded to the underside to increase the strength of the belt pan and limit deflection. Belting consists of ¼-inch plate 9-inch pitch piano hinge steel. Tracks use 25# ASCE rail designed to prevent material buildup and provide a smooth surface for the belt and rollers to travel. The heavy duty frame is braced and reinforced for rigidity in all planes and is completely...

  • Money Maker - Sorter Separator

    Money Maker - Sorter Separator

    Hustler’s “Money Maker” Sorter Separator increases the profitability of your sorting operation. Money Makers can save you 50 to 100 hours per week of sorting, separating, and cleaning of non-ferrous materials. Sorting height is 47' from base to pan thus allowing direct loading into steel drums, hoppers, or Gaylord boxes.

  • Hydraulically Driven Bale Breaker

    Hydraulically Driven Bale Breaker

    Hustler Conveyor’s hydraulically driven Bale Breaker quickly and efficiently singulates aluminum cans and plastic bottles from bales produced by high-density balers – which could increase production up to 100%. The unique design helps prevent clustering and also material tearing and shredding into small pieces, thus allowing for easy sorting and a steady even flow of material. Determined by bale size, the Bale Breaker comes in widths from...