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  • Multi-Purpose Board for Agriculture

    Multi-Purpose Board for Agriculture

    The Perfect Multi-Purpose Board for Agriculture. Non toxic to animals and impervious to urine. Ecosheet engineered plastic panels are made from 100% recycled plastics and are suitable for a variety of applications in agriculture and smallholding.

  • Ecosheet - Hoarding

    Ecosheet - Hoarding

    Ecosheet is completely weather proof making it the ideal material for site hoardings and temporary advertising. Due to the versatile nature of the moulding process, 2K manufacturing also have the capabilities to tint boards or produce white boards ready for printing with corporate colours or graphics. Ecosheet has been used on numerous projects in the UK and is also used in the award winning 'Green Hoard' System offered by Fast Fence Limited.

  • Ecosheet - Fabrication

    Ecosheet - Fabrication

    Introducing the new material that out-performs wood in a host of applications. Because it’s weatherproof, Ecosheet needs no paint or protective finishes and requires virtually no maintenance. This revolutionary new material also delivers environmental peace of mind. No virgin materials, no natural resources, no pollution. Made in the UK using waste polymers that would otherwise go to landfill, Ecosheet can be completely recycled at the end of...