is a secure global online trading network, offering live auctions for buyers and sellers to efficiently execute trades of recyclable materials, in particular ferrous and non-ferrous metals trading, plastics and paper trading. Our network brings end users (steel mills, paper mills, smelters) in a direct trading relationship with collectors and sorters of these materials, improving prices for both parties as well as transparency. A thorough verification process ensures all our members (whether sellers or buyers) are reputable and creditworthy companies. The auction listing process is highly flexible allowing members to decide who they trade with. With an experienced management team and multilingual customer support team, as well as a range of post-auction services through third party suppliers including freight forwarding and insurance, credit reports and trade finance, makes it easier for you to execute trades as well as find new partners to trade with.

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14 Fenchurch Avenue , London , EC3M 5BS EC3M 5BS United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Globally (various continents)’s purpose is to create new, more efficient, transparent, and direct trading relationships for the recyclable materials industry.

Our aim is to contribute to the economic and environmental benefits that will come with the growth of the recycling industry, The more that value is generated for both sellers and buyers, the more materials will be recycled. We believe that establishing more direct trading relationships between the collectors and sorters of materials, and the end users is the best means to create this value.

We were founded on clear guiding principles of fairness, transparency, and honesty. We will never participate in any trades.

We simply provide a safe, flexible, easy-to-use independent platform, and a global network of carefully screened trading partners, to serve the needs of our members.

After launching in September 2012 we have steadily increased our membership of fully verified companies, whose combined turnover now stands at $20 billion. offers a secure marketplace for our members – verified and qualified international collectors, sorters and producers. It’s the most efficient, transparent and cost-effective way to buy and sell recycled materials.

Better prices
Extend your universe of buyers and suppliers, globally or regionally. Find suppliers and buyers of paper, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals across Europe, Asia, North and South America.
Trade efficiently
Save time – no more scanning listings and calling around for prices. Our live auction platform and partners simplify buying, selling and transporting materials.
Secure and confidential
Our thorough screening of members ensures that you will be trading only with reputable and creditable counter-parties.