Red Dipper, LLC

Red Dipper, LLC

Red Dipper, LLC

Red Dipper, LLC is an alternative energy company. We are “green”, meaning something that is renewable, self sustaining, good for the whole earth, integrating the flexibility of multiple disciplines such as solar, wind, hydrogen, methane, etc. The goal of Red Dipper is to facilitate the wide spread adoption of alternative energy solutions to reduce global warming. Our initial focus is on solar for residential, commercial and utilities.

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San Francisco , California 94107 USA
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Service provider
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Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

Red Dipper is an alternative energy company focused on facilitating the wide spread adoption of solar energy solutions to reduce global warming. We offer solar photovoltaic solutions, solar thermal, commercial and net metering solutions projects. We also offer solar panel installation training. We are apart of a “consortium of global buyers”, because of our large volume, we demand the absolute lowest price from the manufacture and in turn pass those savings on to our clients! Red Dipper, LLC understands that the next step in solving the world’s energy needs is to effectively distribute solar products to lower the overall cost for an installed solar thermal or PV systems. We have the understanding, insight and vision of how the market is developing and the know how to get out in front of it. Red Dipper, LLC has it own local installers in your area to deliver to you extremely efficient residential, commercial and utility grade solar systems at a very affordable price! NABCEP certified solar PV installers, C-10 Electrical contractors, General Contractors with B and C-46 Solar Licenses.

Red Dipper, LLC helps businesses and communities reduce the environmental impact for their own common good. We provide web technology for measuring, managing and reducing carbon footprints. Managing greenhouse gas emissions presents a new and fundamental challenge to business. Suddenly, Carbon (Co2) is the new item that every organization must confront. It is a cost, a risk, and perhaps in some cases an opportunity. Carbon is practically everywhere such as in the supply chain, processing and manufacturing. One can also find Carbon in offices, call centers, employee work habits, executive travel, packaging and finally disposal of products. Carbon cost have no where to go but up and the need to account for it and the emphasis to reduce carbon emissions has no where to go but up. Red Dipper, LLC provides prudent solutions for Enterprise Carbon Management (ECM) and we have launched a war to reduce Global Warming.

Red Dipper’s (PPA’s)Power Purchase Agreements are agreements between a provider and a customer to purchase on-going solar power at long-term rates. We provide install and maintain solar facilities on customer rooftops or properties. Customers pay only for the power generated by the facility-not solar equipment or installation-greatly reducing the risk and complications of implementing a solar electricity solution. PPA’s are driving the market and Red Dipper is the new green.