REDmeters company represents the RM series of inline non-nuclear density meters, operating on a global scale. The RM density meters are used in a large variety of markets, such as Mining, Dredging, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Oil and Drilling, Food Industry, Paper and Pulp, Concrete and Aggregates and many more. Previously named the Massexact, the product was modified and diversified for each industry, and is being marketed since February 2016 as REDmeters. The name REDmeters stems from Real-time Exact Density meters, and are indeed red in color. The redmeters website is updated daily and is a great reference for any specific information about its products and features.

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6520 Pinceastle BLVD , Orlando , FL 32809 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

Our company vision is to find the simplest, most precise solutions to obstacles in the industrial world.

We believe in the value of mastering simple solutions to giant obstacles. Challenges are none, but a platform for growth and beyond. Logical thought guided by passion and the will-to-win mentality drives our team to perform as our best selves, every single day.

By embracing the theory that logic and common sense prevail, we engineer technology that produces real-time results that comprehensive and actionable by site operators and process controllers. With our solution, engineers are empowered to affect change in the global marketplace and their organization's bottom line with advances in material measurement and process control automation.

A collective of engineers, doers, and entrepreneurs - The Red Meters team was founded on the commonplace of 'getting things done.' We believe in our ability as individuals and our power as a unit. We are proud to get our hands dirty to do the best work possible. It just runs in our veins.

If you can't fix it, build it. A great concept is nothing without the hands to build it. Our team takes pride in being able to consult solutions based on experience versus theory.

The build-it-first culture of the Red Meters team is the engine of our operation.

The path is the reason. We envision building a better world through the combination of great people, great minds and putting them behind a world-changing vision. We are leaders in Density Measurement Innovation and are pioneers in non-nuclear technology that uses gravity to measure density. We ensure that our goals are a greater challenge than the last. We approach obstacles with strategic resolve. We think with vigor and purpose. With the Red Meters platform, our team of engineers and entrepreneurs have the flexibility to concentrate its energy on what's next.

Over 100 years of combined experience, a multi-disciplinary foundation, and a high tier of professionalism. Your process is the reason we get up every day to constantly grow in what we do. We are experts in understanding the challenge at hand, then building the custom solution to that challenge. Working with various industries around the globe, there hasn't been a single challenge we've faced without being able to yield an actionable solution.