Rehrig Pacific has grown to become a world leading plastic pallet manufacturer and container manufacturer serving the agriculture, bakery, beverage, dairy and materials handling industries and, since the ‘80s, a roll-out cart, recycling bin and commercial container manufacturer serving the waste and recycling collection industry as well. All of our customers demand sustainable transport packaging solutions creatively designed to help handle and protect their products safely and more efficiently and provide an excellent return on investment. With a family tradition of growth, service and innovation that spans four generations, we will aim to go “above and beyond” for your business too. Industry leaders worldwide make many of our products their first choice. Whether you need reusable and recyclable plastic pallets and crates or roll-out carts, containers and bins, or RFID tracking, we’ve got a solution that’s right for your business.

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000
100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 €

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The Rehrig Pacific team will be with you all the way from the beginning concept to the end of the product life cycle. Nearly every Rehrig Pacific product made is recycled into another Rehrig Pacific product at the end of its service life. If you need a custom designed solution, our highly experienced design engineers will work consultatively with you to produce a comprehensive, world-class product.

Your growth and success is what drives us from idea to concept to solution.

Rehrig Pacific serves customers with manufacturing and service locations throughout the United States and Mexico and sales offices in South America, Asia and Europe. Our customers rank us among the best in industry service, support and workmanship. Our tradition and commitment guarantee it.

For 100 years, Rehrig Pacific has believed the key to success lies in making products that give our customers a real advantage. Our goal is always to deliver sustainable products and services that creatively increase handling efficiencies and provide an excellent return on investment for our customers. The conversion of ideas to concepts and concepts to solutions has been our core strength from the beginning.

In 1913, we began as a small Los Angeles manufacturer of reusable wooden crates for the fledgling automotive and growing prepared foods industries. In the '30s, seeking to improve product life and utility, the company expanded its technology base to include making crates from steel wire as well. A family tradition of growth, service and innovation had begun.

In the 1960s, when advances in plastic molding brought about the potential for manufacturing larger parts, Rehrig Pacific realized that significant advantages for their customers would come from reusable and recyclable injection molded parts. The new technology enabled designs of complex geometric shapes with a unique combination of high strength and light weight. One could add strength and longevity by varying wall thickness at critical load-bearing and wear points. Precise tolerances and predictability could be achieved. Clearly, plastics would revolutionize all transport packaging and storage container applications.

The dairy, beverage and baking industries were the first to realize the benefits of Rehrig Pacific’s new injection molding capabilities. Demand for milk cases and bakery trays led Rehrig Pacific to open a branch manufacturing facility in Erie, Pennsylvania in the early ‘70s to serve Eastern markets. This early success allowed Rehrig Pacific to expand to new industry segments and prompted the design of innovative shipping containers for soft drink bottlers. Soon, additional branches followed in the South, Mid-West and Northeast.

In the late ‘80s, the realization of declining landfill capacity and growing environmental awareness all across the country drove curbside recycling to become an important component of the waste collection industry. At the request of several different cities and haulers, Rehrig Pacific developed a source separation 3-bin system and a co-mingle collection single bin that successfully set the standard for efficient household recyclables collection for the next two decades. This growing partnership then led to the development of the Rehrig Pacific line of Roll-out Carts in 1992 and a significant investment in plants and machinery to make and supply these large injection molded parts. Our Recycling and Waste Collection business has become one of the largest components of Rehrig Pacific and, more importantly, provided a blueprint for future investment and expansion. Rehrig Pacific has now become both the industry and market share leader in recycle bins, roll-out carts and rotationally molded commercial containers across North America and offers a growing number of container asset management and service tracking programs, including RFID tracking, for our customers as well.

Today, Rehrig Pacific’s footprint has expanded to include seven manufacturing locations in the United States: Los Angeles, CA; Erie, PA; Lawrenceville, GA; Dallas, TX; De Soto, KS; Pleasant Prairie, WI; Orlando, FL; and Queretaro, Mexico. Rehrig Pacific has sales offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Hong Kong and a growing network of licensees worldwide.

As customer awareness of the need for environmentally-sound and sustainable products and business practices has grown, Rehrig Pacific has been able to respond and call on over 95 years of reusable packaging manufacturing experience. Today we use only 100% recyclable materials throughout our product lines. We have employed strict recycling and energy efficient practices in our manufacturing and our products are designed to contain as much as 100% recycled material, depending on customer requirements. Further, Rehrig Pacific offers environmentally friendly, non-heavy metal colors and additives in all its designs.

Rehrig Pacific Company has been creating sustainable, reusable packaging and containers from its beginning, a 100 years ago. A simple call will get Rehrig Pacific’s experienced team of experts started developing new concepts and solutions which will bring real advantages to your business as well.