Reinhold Environmental, LTD

Reinhold Environmental, LTD

Reinhold Environmental publishes an international newsletter, written for technical experts (utility and suppliers alike) concerning air pollution control technology.

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3850 Bordeaux Drive , Northbrook , Illinois 60062 USA
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Publishing company
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Air Pollution Treatment
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

  • Studies: Reinhold Environmental, under private contract doing business as RE Consulting, compiles technical information on particular subjects and prepares reports with recommendations.

  • Technical Manuals: Reinhold Environmental published its SO2 Training Manual in 2007. This manual is a modern, comprehensive training manual that combines theory, chemistry and design with a practical hands-on, day-to-day approach to scrubber maintenance. It is both a training and reference manual, making it a necessary tool for new operators and seasoned scrubber experts alike. It has been designed as a state-of-the-art, interactive, on-line training tool filled with reference materials, tutorials, video clips and search capabilities which serve to enhance and clarify the comprehensive technical material included.

    In March of 2008, RE released an on-line upgrade of its 2001 Particulate Control Training Manual using the SO2 manual format and in December of 2008 it released its new on-line NOx Training Manual in the same format. 

    RE Consulting, a subsidiary of Reinhold Environmental, has the sole license to market RE's training manuals. Demos, detailed information and pricing about all three can be found at RE Consulting Training Manuals.

Round Table & Expo Conferences

Reinhold Environmental organizes and runs the following conferences in conjunction with the Pollution Control Users Group (PCUG) Meetings.

  • APC Round Table & Expo, an annual 2.5-day conference consisting of 15-17 workshops, 2-3 panels, and a 65-booth exposition, is held every July in the USA. Over 350 APC personnel, including 140 utility people, attend it annually. This function precedes the 3-day Pollution Control Users Group (PCUG) Meeting. The entire week is sponsored by the PCUG and hosted each year by a different utility. (see APC Round Table and PCUG links)

Pollution Control Users Group International Steering Committee

Reinhold Environmental organized and continues to support the Pollution Control Users Group(PCUG), through a Steering Committee consisting of 20 international utilities. The members of this steering committee represent an extremely strong communication network within the industry.

Individual Seminar, Technology Development, Management Consulting

  • Management Consulting: Reinhold Environmental accepts select management consulting contracts. These contracts usually involve making recommendations related to improving the client’s ability to meet industry requirements.
  • Technology Development: Reinhold Environmental facilitates the formation of key alliances to successfully develop APC technology.
  • Customized Seminars: Reinhold Environmental has been contracted by utilities such as the Southern Company, Duke Energy and PacifiCorp to design, organize and run in-house seminars on maintenance & operation of air pollution control equipment. Theseminars usually have around 60-120 utility personnel in attendance.

Worldwide Pollution Control Association (WPCA)

Reinhold Environmental is the founder of the Worldwide Pollution Control Association (WPCA). The WPCA is a non-profit association with corporate and individual members, organized to offer internationally the opportunity for an exchange of technical information without commercial bias.

Reinhold Environmental not only is a director of the WPCA but also has a contract to organize 2-4 international seminars annually. WPCA has co-sponsored seminars with PPC (Greek utility), ESKOM (South African utility), Pohang Steel (Korea), China Steel (Taiwan) and various USA utilities. (see link)

  • NOx Round Table & Expo, an annual 1.5 day conference, is held in February in the USA. Similar to the July APC conference format, the NOx conference is followed by the Pollution Control Users Group Meeting. The entire week is once again sponsored by the PCUG and hosted each year by a different utility. (see NOx Round Table and PCUG links)
  • Euro Round Table & Expo technically covers all APC technologies. It is combined with a Pollution Control Users Group Meeting and is sponsored by the PCUG, with a host utility. The venue changes from country to country as does the time of year.