Trap & Treat BOS 100 (solvent contamination) and BOS 200 (hydrocarbon contamination) are two of the fastest growing in situ remediation products in the world. The RPI success formula is pretty simple: We make in situ remediation products that are safe to use, work fast, and keep working. Fact: More than 95% of first-time Trap & Treat customers use our products again and again.

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Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation
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At RPI, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a way of life.
Remediation Products, Inc. (RPI) is a privately owned company. Because of our dedication to quality control and achieving site closure when at all possible, our business model is different than what you will find with other in situ remediation product manufacturers. Primary distribution and sales of our Trap & Treat products are handled by our highly-trained international network of RPI Group members.

Since 2002, RPI and its affiliates have unquestionably proven that a remediation-specific investigation paired with either BOS 100 or BOS 200 and a quality installation almost always achieves project cleanup goals. 95% of first-time Trap & Treat product users use the products again and again on additional projects.

RPI products enjoy patent protection throughout the world. The company owns three registered trademarks: Trap & Treat, BOS 100, and BOS 200. The pronunciation of BOS is “boss.”

Back in 1990, Bob Elliott and Scott Noland were an unlikely duo: a businessman with no background in science and a chemical engineer without business experience. Today their company, RPI, and its groundbreaking in situ Trap & Treat products are synonymous with groundwater remediation.

Through the years, the pair has managed to tackle the growing field of environmental remediation, identifying its limitations (expensive and ineffective long-term treatment) and developing a better solution through their revolutionary Trap & Treat remediation products.

Bob and Scott spent years in environmental laboratories and environmentally-oriented contracting groups, taking part in hundreds of injection-based remediation projects and gaining firsthand knowledge of the field’s many challenges. Frustrated by the unsustainable, dangerous, and ineffective route the industry had taken, the pair’s fiercely entrepreneurial spirit took over.

The result? A remarkable breakthrough. In 2002, Scott Noland discovered a way to impregnate activated carbon with materials proven to assist in environmental remediation. A series of telling laboratory tests convinced both men that they had landed on nothing short of an in situ remediation revolution.

The evolution of Remediation Products, Inc. was swift: the company was formally founded in 2002 and by 2004, the company had registered trademarks and a U.S. Patent. Production capacity was quickly established with a major manufacturer of activated carbon products, and the RPI Group was formed. RPI has facilitated a remarkable number of NFAs, helping their customers completely clear up their soil and groundwater pollution, comply with regulations, and sell their property without liability, stress, or danger.

Safe. Effective. Predictable.
RPI’s in situ remediation products are safe for you and for the environment. Made of naturally occurring, non-toxic materials, they have been approved for use in all states where scrutiny is required.

Our track record speaks for itself—and the Trap & Treat approach is so effective, 95% of customers of all sizes return to RPI again and again. Where others manage risk, we close sites. Period.

High-res conceptual site models. Expert design and installation. Unparalleled product. The result is predictable in terms of outcome, time, and cost…and our track record is supported by countless NFAs and site closures.