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Our biosensors detect the presence of toxic substances rapidly and safely. Our approach to the diagnosis of contaminated soil is an innovative departure from conventional chemical analysis. We employ environmentally-relevant biosensors to detect the levels of any toxicity that affects the metabolic activity of the biosensor organisms. These biosensors report upon the presence of contamination which compromises its biological activity and a one-stop biosensor analysis tells us whether there is anything toxic to our biosensor in the sample.

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Brathens Eco-Business Park Hill of Brathens, Glassel, Banchory , Aberdeenshire , Scotland AB31 4BW United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
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Internationally (various countries)

Remedios Limited is an environmental technology company, founded in 1999 in association with the University of Aberdeen. The company specialises in the diagnosis and remediation of contaminated land but also offers a range of complementary services.

The Remedios team has many years of experience in the environmental consultancy and research sectors and offers clients innovative solutions to environmental problems through traditional and technological strategies. Key to the Remedios team is the achievement of sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the client. The team works closely with local, national and international environmental regulators to provide compliance in all operations.

Remedios has successfully deployed unique biosensor technology developed at the University of Aberdeen in contaminated land and water projects to derive sustainable remedial strategies. Strong links are maintained with the University to enable to the deployment of cutting-edge technology and recruitment of highly skilled staff.

Remedios offers a variety of environmental consultancy services (both in the UK and overseas) that apply advanced and innovative science with experienced management techniques, giving a cost-effective investigation and remediation solution.

The services we offer include. . .

  • Phase I Desk-top site investigations
  • Phase II Intrusive Site investigations
  • Phase III Site remediation
  • Phase IV Validation of site remediation
  • Environmental due diligence reporting
  • Water quality sampling
  • Ground gas and landfill monitoring
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Fugitive emissions surveys
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Bespoke environmental & scientific service

For companies intending to develop land that may be contaminated there are several stages that may be required prior to planning consent. Contaminated land is strictly regulated by a range of organisations. In essence, contaminated land is defined by the sensitivity of receptors (humans, the water environment, habitat and property) that could be impacted by pollutants. These pollutants could be liquids, solids, vapours and gases.

We offer the following services:

  • Full technical support to help the client (landowner/ developer) identify the scale and range of contamination
  • Development of remediation strategies to support the client’s financial appraisal of the land’s potential (e.g. maximise sale value/ enable development)
  • Investigation to enable the client’s strategy relating to the land to be achieved
  • Delivery of the remediation strategy
  • Linking remediation with any geotechnical improvements to the structural capacity of sub soils and deliver concurrently

Understanding the current and historical activities associated with a site (derived from Phase I) enables optimisation of the Phase II investigation and the ability to model the potential interaction between pollutants and receptors. Remedios has expertise in the use of a suite of models that are approved by regulatory bodies.

Usually a Remedial Statement or Strategy will be required prior to Phase III. This document details the actual remedial process and the environmental targets, and requires consultation with the relevant regulator(s).

When required, Remedios undertake geotechnical investigations in conjunction with contaminated land investigations to enhance value for the client.

To complement contaminated land appraisal or as a stand-alone service, Remedios also works with clients on flood risk assessment, fugitive gas emission surveys, landfill and ground gas monitoring, and environmental due diligence.

Remedios also has novel and innovative research solutions to clients’ problems, and offers a bespoke environmental technology service. Clients for such services come from the oil/ gas and energy sectors, the waste industry and the contaminated land market.