Renasci, a portmanteau of ‘renaissance’ and ’science’, is a Flemish initiative. We must - and can - find another way to process our waste, not just from an ecological and economical perspective, but also because it is required by European regulations. Renasci is therefore proud to introduce Smart Chain Processing, a revolutionary new method for converting waste into energy and raw materials, without any residual waste. This is a serious challenge, because until now no single technology or provider could realise the European targets. Renasci has raised the bar even higher, however. Our Smart Chain Processing recovers 78% of the energy from the waste, and produces 100% reusable materials and products.

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Marie curielaan 10 , Oostende , België 8400 Belgium
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Waste to Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

Driven by the global ecological urgency and the rise of new technical possibilities, specialists in biomass and biochemistry have joined forces to help eliminate waste.

They are motivated in part by the European Union Waste Directive: by 2020, we must re-use at least 50% of our waste, dumping will be forbidden in 2025, and by 2030 we will have to recycle or re-use no less than 70% of our waste products.

The majority of the waste produced around the world is still disposed of by burning.

Our process recovers 78% of the energy and results in 100% reusable raw materials  and immediately usable products, such as EN590 diesel and biocoal. Plus, the entire process is energy-independent. We get all of the energy we need from the waste itself. This is a major step forward from a linear to a circular economy.

Automated processing

Smart Chain Processing (SCP®) is a modular processing system in which the waste is first separated automatically. The separate waste flows are then converted into energy and usable materials by means of innovative technologies.

Let’s get started!

In early 2018, Renasci® will begin construction on a proof of concept installation in Ostend, Belgium. This test installation is scheduled to become operational in spring 2019, with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year. Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us.

Renasci®’s Smart Chain Processing® promotes waste processing to the next level of the circular economy. Our treatment of residual flows, which had simply been incinerated until now, results in the recovery of the maximum amount of renewable and reusable materials and energy.

Zero waste

Smart Chain Processing results in end products, not residual waste.

Renasci® reuses all water used in the process, and therefore generates no waste water.

Zero energy

Smart Chain Processing® is energy-independent. We obtain the energy needed for production from the processing process itself.

In order to meet the challenge of recovering the maximum of energy and raw materials from waste in an energy-independent manner, Renasci® uses existing ‘best practices’, combined with ‘new practices’ it has developed itself, in a single integrated process.

Smart Chain Processing®

Everything in a single integrated process

Smart Chain Processing® recovers valuable energy and raw materials from waste products. To do so, we link the sorting
process to various units that are specialised in selecting and processing a specific type of material. That way, we can
recover 78% of the energy and no less than 100% of the reusable products and materials from the waste. In effect,
Smart Chain Processing® turns waste into a raw material.

With the help of our smart technologies, we can automatically sort all of the materials - glass, ferrous metals, non-ferrous and plastics - and condition them for re-use. Via Smart Chain Processing®, we process the large ‘unprocessable’ residual flow of biomass, end-of-life plastics and inert materials, which until now were simply tipped into the incinerator.