Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions™ is a consulting firm located in Calgary, Canada with international expertise in projects, practices and policies involving energy conservation and renewable energy generation. Our mission is to foster the efficient use of hydrocarbon fuels and the utilization of energy harvested from renewable sources, in order to minimize the environmental impact caused by society’s consumption of energy. Our company promotes innovative technologies emerging worldwide which reduce environmental emissions by deploying sustainable energy systems. These systems tap power from the sun, the wind, rivers and ocean environments, and capture heat from the sun and the earth as well as heat rejected and wasted from inefficient power generation processes.

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144 Woodfield Rd. SW , Calgary , Alberta Canada
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Service provider
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Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

The company’s Founder and President is Ken Hogg, M.Eng., P.Eng. Ken’s background lies in environmental protection and energy management. Following graduation in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba, he worked with the Ontario Ministry of Environment in Toronto, Ontario in various senior management positions in the regulation of pollution sources. During this time he also obtained his Master of Engineering (Environmental) degree from the University of Toronto.

Ken worked for eleven years with Metropolitan Toronto as Chief Engineer in charge of landfills, composting and recycling facilities. He was directly involved in the development of the three landfill gas to energy projects in Toronto, namely Keele Valley, Brock West, and Beare landfills with power outputs of 33 MW, 18 MW and 5 MW respectively. In total, the annual Greenhouse Gas reduction achieved by the projects exceeded 2,000,000 tonnes CO2e. The electrical power generated by the projects supplied approximately 56,000 homes.

In 2001, Ken moved to Calgary, Alberta and founded Renewable Energy Solutions™. Through consulting assignments and educational outreach, Renewable Energy Solutions™ promotes the utilization of energy efficient devices and the establishment of small decentralized energy projects which harvest renewable energy for heat and power. Ken has lectured at the University of Calgary since 2003 instructing the Renewable Energy Technologies course offered by the Faculty of Continuing Education.

Our vision is to give our children an energy future which encompasses not only efficient centralized power plants but also local decentralized energy systems which harvest renewable sources. This transition will not occur overnight. But a sea change is occurring as prices for fossil fuels increase, and the costs of renewable energy technologies drop, thereby empowering individuals to select the means and amount by which they can reduce their energy footprint and environmental emissions..