Renewable Industries Canada

Renewable Industries Canada

Renewable Industries Canada, founded in 1984 as the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, has grown to represent the leaders of Canada’s bioeconomy – producers of renewable fuels and value added products that reduce GHG emissions and provide economic opportunity to the benefit of all Canadians. Members of Renewable Industries Canada provide the public with renewable, clean-burning biofuels such as ethanol and Biodiesel – fuels that help fight climate change and combat pollution and smog. At the same time, they produce value added products from renewable resources and continuously innovate to provide even greater environmental and economic benefits.

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Professional association
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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Nationally (across the country)
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To promote the use of value-added products made from renewable resources through consumer awareness and government liaison activities.


A diversified fuel mix and bio-based products are essential to Canada’s energy future and to ensuring long-term economic prosperity.


To seize the environmental and economic opportunity of Canada’s renewable fuels and bio-based product industries for the benefit of all Canadians – today and well into the future.

Our Action Plan

With our abundance of natural biomass, Canada is well positioned to be a world leader in the production and development of renewable fuels and bio-based products. Renewable fuels are now an established and integral part of our energy market, but this is only the beginning of what a resource and talent rich country like Canada is capable of.

Renewable Industries Canada members built a capable platform for the production of biofuels and related technologies. Together, we are helping build Canada’s bioeconomy.

A cleaner, more prosperous energy future for Canada is within reach, with Canada to become a global leader in renewable fuels and bio-based products.

Our Members

Renewable Industries Canada is the only national voice for Canada’s renewable fuels and bio-based products industries. We represent the full spectrum of the domestic biofuels value-chain.

Our members include:

  • Grain and cellulose ethanol producers
  • Biodiesel and renewable diesel producers
  • Fuel technology providers
  • Feedstock suppliers
  • And many others

Driving Canada’s low carbon economy

Biofuels producers were the first low-carbon pioneers. Clean-burning ethanol reduces emissions by 62% compared to gasoline, and biodiesel reduces emissions by 99% compared to petroleum diesel. Their use already removes the same as 1,000,000 cars from Canada’s roads every year – 4.2 megatonnes of GHG emissions.

More can be done

Achieving a post-carbon future will depend on developing a stronger mix of alternative fuel sources. Canada’s transportation sector accounts for nearly one third of our country’s total carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. If we are to win the fight against climate change, options that remove transportation emissions are needed sooner rather than later.

Biofuels are the cleanest and most sustainable source of liquid fuel available, and Canada’s biofuels policy remains the single most effective policy tool for reducing GHGs within the transportation sector. Investments in the renewable fuels industry have delivered a significant return on investment, generating gross economic benefits of close to $4 billion to the Canadian economy every year. Additionally, every year more than 1,000 jobs are being created – many of which in small, rural communities in need of good employment opportunities.

There are no technical barriers to expanding the use of biofuels. Doing so will encourage even greater investments in Canada and its bioeconomy.

Moving the bioeconomy forward

The Canadian bioeconomy offers a unique opportunity to address interconnected environmental challenges while achieving sustainable economic growth. Canadian renewable fuels producers continue to innovate and incorporate progressive technologies into their successful bio-refineries.

Multiple environmental problems are effectively being solved through our members’ wide variety of valued-added products. Converting agricultural waste, forestry residue and even solid municipal waste into cellulosic biofuels, producing break-through bioprocessing technologies into existing production platforms, and the continual innovation of Canadian renewable fuels producers is the economic driver of our energy future.