Renewable Resource recovery Corp.

Renewable Resource Recovery Corp. (R3C) was incorporated as an Ontario corporation in March 2009. We are licensing company that authorizes producers to manufacture our patented energy recovery products. R3C has patented (pending in Canada, U.S. and Europe) a product named @Source-Energy Pipe which is a precast concrete sewer/storm water pipe that incorporates a heat extraction system embedded in the pipe wall. The @Source-Energy Pipe system extracts geothermal heat from the ground plus heat from the effluent in the pipe. The system connects to a heat pump in a building, which elevates the low level heat from the pipe and provides heating to the building.

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2477 Maley Drive , Sudbury , ON P3A 4R7 Canada

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Energy - Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
less than $1,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Boris Naneff, P. Eng., President of R3C and is President of Rainbow Concrete Industries, a leading concrete manufacturer located in Northern Ontario.  Boris is an expert in all aspects of cementatious material production. He has been extensively involved in providing leading-edge solutions to precast  concrete customers by utilizing sandwich precast concrete panels in load bearing applications.  For decades, Boris has also been at the helm of several production plant designs, construction projects and property developments.  In 2009, Boris was elected by his peers as President of the Ontario
Concrete Pipe Association, having been an active member for over 20 years.
Robert Mancini, P. Eng. is VP of Engineering for R3C.  He is President of  R. Mancini and Associates Geothermal/Energy Consultants.  Robert has been engaged as a Consulting Engineer in the HVAC field since 1977 and has been responsible for the design of over 10,000 tons of commercial/institutional geoexchange systems across North America since 1984. He has served on a committee responsible for the development of CSA 447, 'Design and Installation of Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump Systems'; and CSA 448 'Design and Installation of Earth Energy System.' Mancini is a corresponding member of ASHRAE's Ground Source Technical Committee, and co-authored an ASHRAE symposium paper entitled 'Operating and Maintenance Experience with Ground Source Heat Pump Systems'. Mancini was also one of two consultants chosen by the US GeoExchange for its Design Assistance Program.

John Hood, C.E.T.  is VP of Research and Development and a founding Director of R3C.  He is a retired college dean (computer, engineering technology and trades).  Following retirement, he worked as a consultant to the College as project manager of a Sustainable Energy Centre project leading the project through the conception and design phase. The Sustainable Energy Centre is a project that he initiated while
dean. It was designed to be the first Living Building in North America - a level higher than LEED Platinum.  He is president of Sustainable Building and Energy Consultants (SBE), a firm providing consulting and project development in the sustainable building and energy field.  BE’s current focus is on PV installation and John has completed training with PV distribution companies.  John was a president of both a provincial professional technology association and a national professional technology association, gaining considerable experience in team leadership.

Les Lisk, B. Sc.(Hon) is VP of Finance and a founding Director of R3C.  He is a retired secondary school principal who was responsible for developing innovative teaching methods in northern schools.  He was also a college professor teaching Geothermal Installation, a Canadian Geothermal Coalition Course, and was coordinator of a college Energy Systems Technology program.  Les is former vice chair of Greater Sudbury Utilities (GSU), former chair of Agilis (Greater Sudbury Telecommunications) and former chair of @Home Energy a subsidiary of GSU.  He is vice-president of Sustainable Building and Energy Consultants, a firm providing consulting and project development in the sustainable building and energy field.  SBE’s current focus is on PV installation and Les has completed training with several PV distribution companies.