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Renovogen Services

  • Site Modeling Services

    Site Modeling Services

    Along with microbial identification and enhancement, Renovogen also performs computer-assisted 3D analyses and assessments of each site. Mathematical modeling is used to analyze each site in order to provide the most accurate representation of the extent of contamination. Modeling helps identify the most probable treatment areas and reduces the amounts of microbial and nutrient solutions needed - maximizing project efficiency and lowering costs.

  • Process & Services

    Process & Services

    The final phase of each project is the large-scale enrichment and application of the unique microbial consortia and nutrient supplement. The final enrichment phase is carried out on-site and, when complete, the microbial solution and nutrient are applied to the contaminated area. The final enrichment and application can be preformed and supervised by trained Renovogen technicians and staff. We offer flexible terms in situations where it is beneficial...