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The incorporation of the company Resource Recycling Industries GmbH in the year 2008 is the result of long lasting research and development in the field of pyrolysis. Over more than one decade the process and the equipment were improved starting in a laboratory up to a plant which meets the industrial needs and standards. Key objective during the R&D was always the quality of the end products. Only if the end products are marketable and therefore salable the profitability of a plant is given. Both, the process and the industrial plant, are completely technically mature concerning low running and maintenance costs, reliability, profitability, and a constant high quality of the end products.

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Am Fuchsberg 6d , Magdeburg , D-39112 Germany

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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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At the following pages we will inform you about the Complete Recycling System-BERAHN- the technically mature technology for total material utilization of scrap car tires, rubber or biomass.

Furthermore we will present the end products out of the process as well as their application areas. Here we have focused on the BERAHN®-outputs from recycled scrap car tires.

Combine economic efficiency with environmental awareness

Together with well renowned companies RR-Industries has designed a turn-key recycling plant, which not only meets the high German and EU environmental standards but also allows an installation and extension of a plant as market demands.

The production process, which does not need any additives, and the efficient design of the plant guarantee profitability and a considerable return on investment for the operator.

  • A solution to meet market demand

Fast changing market conditions ask for flexible solutions. That is why the design of the Complete Recycling System-BERAHN is tailored to suit market needs.

The technology is built in a modular way and can be extended as demanded. Even if the input material needs to be changed the plant stays the same. Just an update of the control system is necessary. There are no limits concerning both, the recycling of scrap car tires, rubber, or biomass, and the production of the high quality BERAHN end products.


Philosophy of the technology

Real resource cycle means 100% recycling without residual waste and use of the obtained raw materials in the manufacturing and trade. The Complete Recycling System-BERAHN realizes this philosophy.

After a full pyrolysis process only BERAHN -Oil, BERAHN-Gas, and BERAHN-Carbon are left. When treating scrap car tires there is also clean spring steel left, that is unchanged in its molecular structure.

Those obtained raw materials can be returned, entirely or partly, into the energy or resource cycle without any after-treatment.

A real resource cycle

Philosophy of the company

  • We do not make commitments we cannot fulfill.
  • We do not promise more than we can live up to.
  • We are honest even though it sometimes hurts.
  • We are consistent in what we do.
  • We communicate free spoken and direct to all partners and customers – without any exception.
  • We take the time for both, partners and customers.
  • We get involved with the realization of your project to an extremely high degree.

We are only satisfied when you are satisfied!

Resource Recycling Industries understands itself as a comprehensive service provider.

We mount an entire recycling plant on turn-key basis, tailored to your individual needs. In doing so, we work together with a determined network of renowned German companies that all have respective experiences in the realization of large-scale projects.

Furthermore, RR-Industries GmbH supports you during application processes concerning environmental issues and provides job descriptions for the future staff.

The recycling plant will be handed over ready for operation and running at full capacity.

The qualified staff of Resource Recycling Industries and partners is available for you during the complete planning and realization, will answer your questions, and implement your wishes in a professional way.