Respirtek, Inc.

Respirtek, Inc.

RespirTek, Inc. is pleased to announce its successful completion of ISO 17025 accreditation. This certification is recognized internationally and demonstrates RespirTek’s technical competency in the areas of biodegradability and compostability as it relates to ASTM, OECD, and ISO testing standards. The accreditation scope includes all commonly requested biodegradability and compostability testing specifications. Our accreditation also extends beyond biodegradability testing and into our traditional treatability studies for wastewater influent as well as internally-developed microcosm protocols using respirometry that RespirTek has been pioneering for 10 years.

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12450 Shortcut Rd, Bldg F , Biloxi , Mississippi 39532 USA

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Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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RespirTek is committed to providing seamless partnering with our clients. We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our clients and initiating specific testing design to answer all project questions. As a consulting laboratory, we don't just provide testing results; we assist in the interpretation.

As a contract lab we specialize in respirometric analyses combined with adjunct analytical. Our labs are equipped with the most advanced continuously monitoring respirometers available and ISO 17025 Accreditation.

Our headquarters are located near the Gulf of Mexico with International air service within 60 minutes of the office and regional jet service within 15 minutes. Major conference centers are located within a 10-mile radius and are used in our seminar and conference efforts.

We are uniquely staffed to handle your technical and business needs. Our CEO, BJ Hook, a Senior Biologist, has over 21 years of a broad range of technical experience. This experience spans work in process design, pre-pharmaceutical manufacture, wastewater treatment and patented work in pollution control.

Our Vice-President/CFO and cofounder, Jerry Hodges, has 27 years of CFO and business management experience in running multiple organizations. His philanthropic contributions to community have matched his work experiences. In his position he spearheads the International Respirometry Conference to that cause for the scientific community.

RespirTek has changed the nature of environmental laboratories doing business by using proven management techniques in establishing and operating our company. We have the nation's foremost experts in the field of respirometry on our staff and are versatile enough to handle one sample a year to as many as you require each day.

RespirTek was incorporated March 2001, realizing a dream of the owning partners, BJ Hook and Jerry Hodges. In 2000, B.J. left her corporate position with a fortune 500 Company to pursue her dream of providing a useful service in which she could use her talents and experience in solving microbial problems utilizing respirometry.

As our Senior Biologist and CEO, she has trained and worked with the top respirometric scientists in the world and has 23 plus years of experience with a wide variety of analytical testing protocols and associated equipment. She is personally committed to offering innovative solutions for industry, environmental engineers, government, and other scientists utilizing respirometry and adjunct chemical analysis.

Our co-founder and CFO, Jerry Hodges, after 30 years of experience and responsibility for the financial, business and systems development for numerous multi million dollar startup organizations, recognized the need for and the lack of customer service oriented laboratories. Jerry visualized a 'consulting lab' that actually focused on client needs and concerns. The new corporation, RespirTek, would focus on hiring the best potential staff team members with a commitment to long-term successful client relationships.

We are committed to the integrity of our work. Our quality assurance program requires that should we experience any breakdown in our process or procedures that could possibly affect project results, we will notify our client immediately with suggestions to remediate the situation. This procedure is one of the many requirements of our ISO 17025 Accreditation.

We will strive to surprise and delight clients with superior customer service approaches such as our team consultations. We recognize our responsibility is to focus on the needs of our client while protecting and preserving the environment. With this in mind, we commit to:

  • Consistently provide practical solutions to environmental issues
  • Maintain the highest quality service standards in the industry
  • Maintain strict compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations

We will continually and consistently reinforce our company culture to maintain the highest standard of ethics.


RespirTek has combined lab, and affiliate staff of 25 with combined support facilities of 13,500 square feet, which includes the corporate office, respirometric lab and affiliate analytical lab. Lab facilities are located in the Sunplex Industrial Park with easy access to three major airports. This guarantees overnight delivery to insure sample viability.

Declaration Statement
The mission of RespirTek™ is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients through combining technical expertise, excellence, and responsive customer service to offer a unique service to industry, engineers, geologists, and government. In the area of client and employee relationships and technology innovations, we will be responsive and progressive to achieve total client satisfaction through personal and company growth.

We recognize our responsibility is to focus on the needs of our client while protecting and preserving the environment. With this in mind, we commit to:

  • Consistently provide practical solutions to environmental issues
  • Maintain the highest quality service standards in the industry
  • Maintain strict compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations

Commitment to Advanced Technology
With a commitment to further the technology and the science of respirometry, we will be at the forefront of respirometric advances by self- directed study and the continual purchase of the most innovative equipment available. We will also strive to be in the leadership role of progress in adjunct analytical methods and equipment

Team Focus
To accomplish our mission, we have set priorities and made commitments that the RespirTek™ team focus on and practice in day-to-day operations. This is the core of who we are and what we believe:

  • Our employees are considered the most valuable asset of RespirTek™. We value each team member on an individual basis, which helps to foster positive attitudes, work ethics, and a congenial work environment. We believe that by hiring the best, we are making an investment in the company's long-term success and making a promise to our clients to provide the best service and expertise available.
  • We are committed to the strength of long-term successful client relationships based on trust, respect, responsiveness and service. We will achieve complete understanding of our client needs. We will unfailingly work in a team setting to define all the parameters needed by our clients and in turn those they serve. We will strive to surprise and delight beyond all expectation.

As you search for a laboratory to work with for your specific testing application, strong consideration should be given to the laboratory’s ability to perform quality work in a consistent, reproducible fashion. At RespirTek we stand firmly behind our testing and published results because we follow strict procedures that give us the necessary assurances regarding our representation of the final data. Through ISO 17025 certification our clients are provided with the highest levels of confidence regarding documentation, data quality, and accurate reporting when they choose to test with RespirTek and is accepted by national and international regulatory and certifying organizations. Don’t wait until you are challenged to realize the data you received from another laboratory is insufficient. Test with confidence when you test with RespirTek.

RespirTek™ is the only laboratory to offer Microbial Communication Service™ representing the most advanced methodology used in bioremediation microcosm studies and wastewater toxicity/treatability studies. We communicate with microorganisms in real time using respirometry, continuously monitoring respiration rates and comparing with chemical analyses to understand the dynamics of the biological response to the biochemical system. By coupling microbial respiration to decreases in substrate concentrations, real-time degradation rates can be obtained in addition to a deeper understanding of the limiting factors for bioremediation.

Whether you require biofeasibility studies, wastewater testing, ground water testing, soil remediation testing, chemical oxidation testing, product testing or other environmental testing services, you can be assured that the highest standards possible have been employed when you work with us. RespirTek also holds USDA permitting for receipt of international soil samples and can conduct Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies on request.

RespirTek is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing technical expertise, exceptional testing services, and outstanding customer service in the fields of product testing for biodegradability, bioremediation microcosm studies, and wastewater treatment toxicity/treatability studies. RespirTek continues to strive for continuous improvement through the empowerment of its Team Members and business partners.