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Services by BioSec Enviro Inc.

  • Engineered Systems Design & Support

    Engineered Systems Design & Support

    With over 30 years experience, the BioSec design team works with lead engineering firms to refine specifications and recommend innovative solutions to ensure that the most appropriate and efficient equipment alternatives can be implemented. We routinely develop comprehensive equipment plans, complete autocad drawings, sizing and capacity specifications and projections, electronic control designs, budgets and schedules.

  • Full System Integration

    Full System Integration

    BioSec supplies the entire system, from point of collection – whether it be from dewatering equipment or a foreign sludge receiving facility – to ultimate point of disposal, utilizing shafted screw conveyors, shaftless conveyors, or pumps to truck loading, composting, incineration or a drying system. And we offer the in-house expertise to provide you with the detailed design, engineering, project management, installation and aftermarket...

  • Wastewater Screens & Equipment

    Wastewater Screens & Equipment

    BioSec provides wastewater screens and MBBR/IFAS biological wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial facilities, with a wide range of screening, conveyor and storage equipment options. Built from heavier materials (stainless steel, etc.) and robust components to perform dependably for more than 25 years, our equipment meets the most rigorous demands for reliability and long-term service.

Services by PULSCO Inc.

  • Engineering

  • Surge Analysis

    Surge Analysis

    Detailed surge analysis utilizing either PULSCO's proprietary program based upon Method of Characteristics and/or Surge2010 program developed by the University of Kentucky based upon Wave Characteristics Method.

  • Noise Analysis

    Noise Analysis

    PULSCO will match the silencer to the valve's operating parameters.

  • Pulsation Analysis

    Pulsation Analysis

    PULSCO's team of engineers can determine the best solution and provide a custom design to improve system operation, control unwanted noise and protect hydraulic system equipment from damage caused by pressure pulsations generated from pumps or compressors a variety of industrial and military applications.

  • Sales

  • Contact Methodology

    Contact Methodology

    PULSCO has assembled a series of on-line Application Information Forms in addition to our Product Specification sheets available for all (3) product lines to both efficiently collect and organize the necessary inputs. Upon completion of these forms, please forward to sales enabling us to quickly review and forward to the correct Engineering department, (Hydropneumatic, Silencer and Dampener). Our Project Engineers will perform a preliminary review and...

  • Project Review and Budgetary Quotations

    Project Review and Budgetary Quotations

    PULSCO is open to assisting potential clients ranging from multi-year Project Planning to component feasibility and rough budgetary pricing. We have now developed a formal Professional Services line of business offering modeling, validation, attestation plus field consulting as well as many associated product design options depending upon the depth and complexity of the inputs associated with Hydropneumatic System. For Silencer and Dampener help, we...