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  • Aircraft Engine Remote Visual Inspection

    Aircraft Engine Remote Visual Inspection

    An aircraft MRO center was in need of an easy to use borescope for use in a wide variety of applications on both turbine and piston powered aircraft. The VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) from RF System Lab was selected because of its unique combination of ...

  • Automotive Engine Inspection

    Automotive Engine Inspection

    Headquartered in Michigan, the heart of the US automotive industry, we are proud to offer a video borescope that helps ensure the quality, safety and reliability of cars and trucks. Our scopes are in use at every major auto manufacturer and dozens ...

  • Industrial Pump Inspection

    Industrial Pump Inspection

    An industrial pump service and remanufacturing company had two goals in mind when they went shopping for a borescope. First, the scope had to be easy to use and portable enough to take on service calls. Second, it had to have four-way camera ...

  • Down Hole Motor Inspection

    Down Hole Motor Inspection

    There is an old familiar proverb about how “for want of a nail, a kingdom was lost”. The moral of this story is that the failure or lack of even a small item can, in certain circumstances, have a very big impact. A drilling operation ...

  • Factory Conveyor Inspection

    Factory Conveyor Inspection

    A plywood manufacturer needed to inspect the roller bearings for its main conveyor motors. This inspection required a shutdown of the entire production line, and every minute of downtime would cost money. Additionally, because the motors were ...

  • Small Engine Inspection

    Small Engine Inspection

    A small engine repair shop needed a borescope, primarily to conduct engine and valve inspections. The instrument had to small and portable, had to articulate in order view in inside of the combustion chamber, piston dome and valves, and it had to ...

  • Corrosion Inspection

    Corrosion Inspection

    Everything made of metal is susceptible to corrosion and can effect every non-service industry to one degree or another by the direct or indirect costs of corrosion prevention, mitigation or repair. The VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope was used ...