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  • Separation

  • Rhodius - Droplet Separators

    Rhodius - Droplet Separators

    Droplet separators are designed as the fundamental unit for operating various process and technical facilities. kms offers knitted wire mesh and coalescence elements with highly efficient separation performance. Unwanted contaminants from gas streams are separated until the required concentration of the pure gas is obtained. With the help of computers and our design program “Separate 2.1” developed in-house, we calculate the optimum...

  • Rhodius - Liquids Phase Separation System

    Rhodius - Liquids Phase Separation System

    We offer a wide range of various separation systems for physical separation of immiscible liquids. The procedure uses the coalescence behaviour of the drops at the wire surface to enlarge them thereby causing the force of gravity-induced phase separation to speed up significantly. The required dwell time and consequently the dimensioning of the knock-out vessel can be significantly reduced.

  • Rhodius - Separator Cartridges

    Rhodius - Separator Cartridges

    Knitted wire mesh links form the filter media in our versatile filter cartridges. Besides other applications, these are used for fat deposition in catering establishments or as a filter in industrial production. A kms wire mesh filter usually consists of several superimposed filter mats, a metal frame and a mesh on the front and back sides. We manufacture the frames using galvanised sheet steel, aluminium or stainless steel. The metal filter can be...