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RHU Holding / Mega-Therm

Mega Therm is one of the leading company in the development and manufacture of advanced plastic piping systems in Turkey. The company is established in 1992 and started the production of PPRC pipes and fittings in 1994, under the trade mark of , which is followed by Ground heating pipes, HDPE pressure pipes, HDPE RC ( Resistance to Crack ) pipes & fittings and Sprinkel Irrigation Pipes. All of our advanced and quality piping system made Mega-Therm one of the well known brand in the area and currently being exported to 35 countries, specially to Middle East, CIS countries, North Africa, Russia, Balkans among many others..

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Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cad. No: 92 , Iskenderun , Hatay Hatay Turkey

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Mega Therm also offers advanced piping systems for mining. Multilayer HDPE RC pressure pipes. For the past few decades, plastic piping has been a widely accepted material fort he use in mining applications for pumping slurries and other materials. When it comes to selecting pipe materials for mining sector, the two most important factors to consider are safety and reliability. Mega-Therm HDPE multilayer RC PIPES ranges are performance proven to meet the demanding conditions of numerous applications in the mining industry. Multilayer HDPE RC pipes are designed according to International Standarts specifications to endure rugged terrains, extreme climates and transportation to the mining site.

Ulkumen Ardila’s dedication to heading up the industry cutting edge solutions ensures maximum integrity for even the most ground breaking projects. What Ulkumen Ardila provide, however is not just the supply of quality plastic piping materials but a complete service offering which includes Professional advice and on-site Technical support.

Ulkumen Ardila is also producing plastic pipes such as PEX pipes for plumbing, PVC and PPH pipes and fittings for sewage water, HDPE, LDPE piping systems for agricultural and irrigation purposes.

The production line has been set up at the company’s own premises in Iskenderun which is a very strategic place as a location, on a covered area of 10,000 square meters. advanced plastic pipes and fittings systems are being produced under excellent conditions to meet the highest quality standards.

The factory is running by a working team of 80 employees which has 10 complete extrusion lines, including aluminium foil line, multilayer co-extrusion lines, 22 injection moulding machines with 250 moulds.

Ulkumen Ardila’s advanced plastic pipes and fittings are made from the high quality raw materials and are manufactured with some of the most advanced plastic machinery in the world to meet most exacting standards. Our commitment to quality also extends to customer service. pipe and fittings has earned a reputation throughout the world. All our pipes and fittings are approved from the Mininstry of Public Works & Housing in Turkey, has a health certificate ISO, EN TSE and International standarts.

Our companies have selected bilingual personnel, trained to serve our clients with the best of the services. Founded on the principle of giving our customers the best possible goods and attention, we are assured of continued progress and expansion. This guiding business principle and one -other, top management’s dedication to the success of our companies – has propelled ULKUMEN GROUP firms into a state of continuos growth and made a leading brand in the world.

We invite you then to try the best, try and become our lasting commercial friend.

  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Reliability
  • Efficient and systematic study,
  • Good human relations based on love and respect,
  • Employee satisfaction,
  • To be able to do better, and excellence in variability, harmony with the environment.

Our Vision is to use all of the resources that we have in order to produce high performance and effective pipes and fittings with the environmentally friendly production lines enabling us to have products that are designed with the latest technologies and to offer these products to our valuable customers with the most reasonable prices .