Rig Ranger Inc.

Rig Ranger Inc.

Rig Ranger Inc.

Rig Ranger overs a variety of safety wears and apparels customized to meet the corporate personality of our clients. We work with you to fulfill design requirements and manufacture Safety wear, shoes and accessories that meet your quality expectations. At Rig Ranger, client satisfaction, quality and safety is the triad of our success. Our garments and shoes are guaranteed. Our robust research and development, garment production, tailoring and accessory manufacturing teams allow clients to explore the ranges of color, fashion and quality that adhere to US and European safety standards. Rig Ranger, safety through quality!!!

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182-21 150th Avenue , Springfield Gardens , NY 11413 USA
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Health and Safety - Workplace Safety
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The Rig Ranger Product line was initially designed to meet high quality and safety standards required by the Oil and Gas industry. The product line has since been extended to serve the specific industrial needs of the Electricity and Power Sectors, Petroleum and Chemical Sectors, Aviation, welding and Maintenance Sectors, Military and Armed Force Sectors as well as commercial sports and recreation.

We research, design and manufacture products from industrial fibers weaving them into durable fabrics and textiles which meet the high performance, high tolerance, high quality and strong durability needs of customers. Our research and development team along with our design and fabrication divisions give our clients custom manufacturing capability to fabricate textiles, uniforms and apparels suited to their specific safety and/or application requiments. Our products are designed to meet the Occupational Health and Safety Standards of the USA and Europe. Rig Ranger: Safety through Quality!