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  • Protocol Converter

    Protocol Converter

    The Protocol Converter connects directly to equipment and converts SNMP, BACnet, and Modbus protocols to one or more of these same protocols for integration into a building management system (BMS) or network management system (NMS).

  • LDRA - Model 6  - Alarm Signaling System

    LDRA - Model 6 - Alarm Signaling System

    The LDRA6 accommodates six inputs that can be configured for zone water detection or as remote alarm annunciators.  An LDRA6 can monitor for both leaks & alarms generated by networked equipment.As a zone leak detection solution, the LDRA6 is compatible with SeaHawk sensing cables and SeaHawk SD-Z & SD-Z1 spot detectors.  This allows the LDRA6 to detect the presence of water, conductive fluids, and chemicals.  When a leak is...

  • Model RA1x2 - Alarm Annunciator System

    Model RA1x2 - Alarm Annunciator System

    The RA1x2 is a relay splitter and alarm annunciator. It splits a single dry contact relay input into two electrically isolated outputs and annunciates the change in state of any dry contact relay signal.Designed to be simple to use and easy to maintain, the RA1x2’s dual relay outputs activate when an alarm is detected. If the monitored dry contact changes state, the alarm LED illuminates and the audible alarm sounds.

  • Relay Replicators System

    Relay Replicators System

    Digital outputs are designed to be wired to one remote system, but users often require the signal to be sent to multiple systems – but wiring a single output to two remote panels can cause damage to the remote panels’ components.RLE’s Relay Replicators split a single digital dry contact input into two electrically isolated digital outputs, so the same signal can be sent to multiple remote panels.  This allows digital alarm...