RNAS Remediation Products is a leading provider of bioremediation products for in situ soil and ground water remediation. For more than a decade, RNAS has provided millions of pounds of innovative products to our clients around the world. Our Newman Zone® emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) was the first, off-the-shelf EVO designed for bioremediation. We have continued to develop industry leading products and offer a full suite of bioremediation solutions. Bioremediation using our crop-derived electron donors is helping the remediation industry move toward a green and sustainable future.

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6712 West River Road , Brooklyn Center , Minnesota 55430 USA

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Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation
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Our Origins

In the late 1980’s Bill Newman, founder of RNAS, worked in Traverse City, MI, at the USCG Air Station site as an analytical chemist. The Traverse City site was ideal for research purposes as it provided a uniform sand aquifer, fast ground water flow, and multiple contaminant plumes. John Wilson and his team of researchers from the USEPA conducted much of their fundamental research on natural attenuation and enhanced bioremediation at this site. Many university researchers worked at the site as well. After working on many of these research projects, Bill left analytical chemistry and began consulting in bioremediation and natural attenuation. In 1998, he founded RNAS Remediation Products and developed it into one of the industry’s leading providers of bioremediation products.

Our Approach

At RNAS Remediation Products, we take pride in our product quality, customer service, and technical expertise. We value long-term relationships with our customers. RNAS is pleased to provide our clients with decades of bioremediation experience and an in-depth knowledge of the products that we have invented. We value the technical expertise that our clients share with us and it is a driving force for continual improvement of our products.

Our Philosophy on Green and Sustainable Remediation

Everyone talks about green and sustainable products and services, but the words mean little without effective actions:

In situ bioremediation involves enhancement of natural microbial processes. Treating soils and ground water in place using natural processes minimizes energy inputs resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint relative to many other remediation methods. At RNAS we deliver products for effective in situ solutions.

All of our electron donor products are crop-derived and maximize renewable resources. RNAS works with our partner companies to optimize logistics, manufacturing and other operations to reduce energy use and reduce waste.

Our corporate office minimizes energy use by utilizing ground-source geothermal heating and cooling, high efficiency lighting (LED and FL), and electric car charging infrastructure. On-site solar panels combined with commercial wind-source power provide 100% of our energy needs from carbon-free renewable energy.


In Situ Solutions

RNAS provides products for safe and effective treatment of soil and ground water. Our products enhance natural processes to achieve low cost, green and sustainable results.

Our Family of Products

Electron donors including Newman Zone®, Newman Zone HRO™ and Newman Zone QR™ provide microbes with a food source for anaerobic treatment. Contaminants commonly targeted for anaerobic treatment include chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE, TCA, DCA), explosives (RDX, HMX, TNT), nitrate, perchlorate, and selected metals such as chromium VI. Neutral Zone® colloidal buffer optimizes effective biodegradation by neutralizing the acids produced by many microbial processes. MicroBlend™ stimulates rapid microbial activity with micronutrients and vitamins.