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Robotronics is the world leader in safety education products, targeted especially towards children 14-years old and younger. With over 4,000 interactive robotic characters, and thousands of costumes, puppet programs, and educational materials in use around the world, no other private organization has a greater commitment to promoting safety awareness and injury prevention for children.

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1610 West 1600 South , Springville , Utah 84663 USA

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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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Begun in January of 1983, Robotronics first product was Pluggie the Fireplug. Since then, over 30 more characters have been added to the product line as remote controlled robots, costumes, and puppets each with their own educational materials.

Our mission is to eliminate preventable childhood injury and death through better safety education. Research has shown that the ability to recall a memory improves when a strong emotional impact is associated with it. Our robots, costumes, and educational programs provide the emotional impact needed to recall important safety messages.

For the last 30 years, Robotronics has been designing and manufacturing robots for police and fire departments across the United States. Many of our first robots are still on the job today teaching children how to be safe.

Teaching children health, safety and hazard awareness skills can have a huge impact in the community, ultimately resulting in saving lives in advance through better education. Our products will help teach with confidence, knowing that safety messages are delivered in the most effective way possible.