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Rocky Mountain Environmental Services

  • Emergency Services

    Emergency Services

    24-Hour Response: Rocky Mountain Environmental provides 24 hour emergency services to Response Agencies and contractors. We ensure you have access to all our HazMat response and personal protection equipment, any time, day or night.

  • Spill Risk Assessment Services

    Spill Risk Assessment Services

    Facility Risk Assessment : The purpose is to identify and assess the potential for major risk exposures, hazards, and potential spill scenarios in your facilities. This process is an integral step in the development of an effective contingency plan.

  • Spill Kit Maintenance Services

    Spill Kit Maintenance Services

    Rocky Mountain’s kit maintenance program will ensure readiness of your response kits and supplies. Our knowledgeable staff will audit your kits on a scheduled basis. We will inspect, note deficiencies, and restore to performance capacity. A service report will be created and recommendations based on usage history, facility changes and regulatory requirements will be submitted.

  • Contingency Planning Services

    Contingency Planning Services

    The purpose of a spill response plan is to enable responders to approach and handle spill incidents SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. Contingency plans are a living document and should be concise, easy to understand, and reviewed and adjusted as changes warrant. They should also meet or exceed all legal and regulatory requirements within your region of operations.