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  • Roebic - Grease Trap Treatment

    Roebic - Grease Trap Treatment

    Your FOG control and elimination program is incomplete without the advanced biological technology found in ROETECH Grease Trap Treatment. GT has been designed to work in any system where large amounts of food derived fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are generated and released; which makes GT ideal for use in the Institutional food service and Hospitality industries. Regular use of GT will significantly reduce noxious odors and also reduce excessive costs...

  • Drain & Trap Deodorizer

    Drain & Trap Deodorizer

    Sink and drain lines in food preparation areas are notorious for slow drainage and back-ups. LDT is a safe and natural way to biologically clean your sink traps, floor drains, and other waste plumbing and to keep them free of organic debris, FOG, and other food particles which can be the cause of your drainage related issues.

  • Soap Degrader

    Soap Degrader

    This product contains specialized bacteria capable of degrading soaps and detergents even at concentrations which are inhibitory to other bacteria. Used regularly, foodservice establishments with on-site septic systems, will enjoy longer life, less pumping, and smoother operation.

  • Trap-Sak Solid Grease Trap Treatment

    Trap-Sak Solid Grease Trap Treatment

    A cylindrical shaped solid designed to be hung in a grease trap, large drain line or pump chamber. Trap-Sak dissolves slowly, continuously releasing fat and food-digesting Roe-Tech bacteria. Trap-Sak also contains surfactant and odor neutralizing fragrance.

  • Main Line Cleaner

    Main Line Cleaner

    A highly concentrated waste degrading product designed to clean main sewer pipes of grease, fats, sludge and paper without the use of harsh, aggressive, or dangerous chemicals.

  • GT-Max Concentrate

    GT-Max Concentrate

    Designed for all types of sewage and wastewater systems where large amounts of food oils, food residuals and grease occur, and where high flow rates require a highly concentrated product. Apply through floor drain, sink or directly into system manually or by a pump.

  • Septic Tank Treatment

    Septic Tank Treatment

    Specially formulated to meet the demands of septic tanks servicing food preparation facilities by breaking down protein starches, cellulose, grease, and food oils. Will minimize the heavy loading experienced by septic systems receiving these wastewaters.

  • Liquid Drain & Trap Cleaner

    Liquid Drain & Trap Cleaner

    LDT is a ready-to-use concentrate combining live bacteria, stabilized enzymes and biodegradable surfactant that cleans drains and traps of fat, grease, and food residuals. It is safe for all plumbing and leaves sink areas smelling clean and fresh.