Ron Perrin Water Technologies

Ron Perrin Water Technologies

Since 1997 offering Inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks and towers. We use underwater cameras, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV`s) and commercial y trained divers to provide the most information with no disruption in service. Our primary service area is the midwest, southwest and southeast U.S.

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P.O. Box 101614 , Fort Worth , 76185 Texas USA
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Service provider
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Water Utilities
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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Mission Statement

At Ron Water Technologies,  it is our mission to be recognized as a leader in the safe inspection and cleaning of water tanks and towers.

Ron Perrin Water Technologies was founded in 1997. Our mission is to provide potable water tank owners and operators with comprehensive and TCEQ/AWWA compliant inspections in order for them to maintain healthy water systems.


When our inspections reveal problematic sediment levels, we offer thorough and efficient potable water tank cleaning with no disruption in service. We use the most advanced technology and processes to deliver the most information at the lowest cost.

Sediment provides an environment for bacteria, protozoa and viruses to thrive, and depletes chlorine reserves. Removing the sediment reduces the need for continual increases of chlorine, and enables you to deliver the cleanest, healthiest water possible to your customers.


Ron Perrin Water Technologies also believes in helping undeveloped/underserved countries develop the ability to provide clean drinking water to their communities. We work with Charity: Water ( to gather donations that enrich and enable the lives of people who have no means of providing clean water to their families. 

Our dive team, management and office staff are all dedicated to improving the drinking water quality of our customers through our innovative and technologically advanced inspection and cleaning processes.

Ron Perrin Water Technologies is proud to sponsor THE CLEAN WATER TANK PROJECT.Com.   This is a blog set up to provide information about the importance of cleaning and inspecting water storage tanks and towers.


Since 1997 Ron Perrin Water Technologies has been a leader in potable water tank & tower inspection  We offer three different water tank & tower inspections. All these inspections provide digital photos of inspection points and problem areas along with an underwater DVD so you can see the interior roof and floor of your water storage tank. We take pride in offering you the most information for the least cost.  Our potable water dive team is available to clean sediment from the floor of your water storage tanks & other underwater services. 

Company Services:
Potable Water Tank Inspections available:

  • Remotely operated underwater cameras
  • Remotely controlled vehicle
  • Potable Water Diver

Potable water dive Services

  • Potable Water Tank Cleaning
  • Set plugs for valve changes
  • Clean underwater gates

Our Company Saves Water

You probably know that 2/3rds of the world is water.  But do you know less than 1% is drinkable.  According to 'National Geographic- June 2007'  95.7% is saltwater, that leaves only 2.5% and most of that is frozen in the ice sheets of the Antarctica and Greenland. The result: less than 1% of the water on earth is available for drinking.  Our company saves water by performing inspections with no disruption in service and NO WATER LOSS.  Over 300 Texas water utilities use our service to meet TCEQ inspection standards.

We provide people with Healthier drinking water by removing sediment that may contain bacteria.

Even our cleaning method saves water.  Since 1997 my company alone has saved tens of millions of gallons of fresh drinking water that would have been lost if the tanks had been inspected and cleaned in a traditional method.