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  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Management the Security Crises and Negotiating Skills Course

    Management the Security Crises and Negotiating Skills Course

    Course Objective: Preparation of police officers in general to identify security problems and phenomena which pose potential crises and how to plan for the management of the run and the preparation and review of plans confrontation models for some of the various security crises and how to manage them.

  • Security Checkpoints and Control Course

    Security Checkpoints and Control Course

    Course objectives: This course is aimed at consolidating the basic principles and concepts of safety and to familiarize participants with the most important issues and risks and accidents encountered during the performance of his work and the various influences that may hinder performance and how to overcome them with the development of Musharraf skills Security, which make it able to perform their duties efficiently.

  • Disaster Protection Training Course

    Disaster Protection Training Course

    Course Description: Risk management is basically a planning tool for risk management both risk assessment and the results of risk and what are the potential risks, whether from work or group based on carrying out a coordinated and planned steps through which knowledge of the risks and the possibility of their occurrence and are divided into a number of steps and tasks.

  • NEBOSH Course

    NEBOSH Course

    NEBOSH International General Certificate - NEBOSH IGC - UK The NEBOSH International General Certificate is mandatory requirement of all Organization licensed to perform Oil & Energy, Construction, Chemical and Mechanical industrial setups. It provides an excellent foundation in health and safety for managers, supervisors, employee representatives and people starting out on a career in health and safety. The certificate is relevant to all types of...

  • IOSH Course

    IOSH Course

    IOSH Managing Safely - UK Royal Crown for Training Technology is approved course provider of IOSH UK Courses. Due to the overwhelming global demand of IOSH qualifications which are proved as a trademark to the gateway for better job placements & authentic professional development for HSE professionals & in compliance to mandatory pre-requisite of the standard HSE positions IOSH Managing Safely is designed for managers across all industries and...

  • Working at Height & Rescue Training Standard

    Working at Height & Rescue Training Standard

    On successful completion of training the delegate will be deemed to have demonstrated basic knowledge and understanding of:  Relevant revisions enacted in the general health and safety duties of employers to provide training and ensure competence of employees;  Relevant revisions enacted in the personal responsibilities of employees and the selfemployed;  Relevant revisions enacted in the relevant legislation (HSW, WAH, MHSW, LOLER, PUWER,...

  • H2S Fafety

    H2S Fafety

    - Recognize the characteristics and detection of H2S - Demonstrate the correct emergency procedure used in the event of H2S being encountered at the rig site - Recognise and distinguish between the various gas detection equipment used on NDIL rig sites - Be able to operate a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and supply air breathing apparatus (SABA) - Demonstrate the correct rescue procedure to be carried out in an emergency

  • Lifting Operation Supervisor

    Lifting Operation Supervisor

    Lifting of objects generally takes place at construction sites, shipyards, factories and other industrial situations such as offloading with a forklift truck, containers at a warehouse or at a commercial area. Good practice and correct lifting methods can move large objects efficiently, safely and reduce manual handling operations. Incorrect lifting methods however, can lead to major accidents and fatalities. Every year, incorrect lifting...

  • CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Course

    CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Course

    Overview: This CISRS accredited course will develop your understanding of scaffolding components, forms of construction and the inspection procedures for basic access scaffolds and how to comply with current legislation and Codes of Practice. Objectives: To give the attendees the knowledge to enable them to understand how to inspect basic scaffolding structures according to Work at Height Regulations.

  • CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection

    CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection

    Objectives: The main objective of the Advanced scaffold inspection course is to give the attendees more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge, to enable them to understand how to inspect complex scaffolding structures in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations. This is in addition to the skills needed to complete full scaffold inspection reports.

  • CISRS Scaffolder Course – Part 1 Trainee

    CISRS Scaffolder Course – Part 1 Trainee

    Objectives: The purpose of part 1 of this scaffolding course is to give the attendees both theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to erect and dismantle basic scaffolds, using laid down training guidelines.

  • CISRS Scaffolder Course – Part 2 Scaffolder

    CISRS Scaffolder Course – Part 2 Scaffolder

    Objectives: The aim of part 2 of this scaffolding course is to give attendees both theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to erect and dismantle basic scaffolds using laid-down training guidelines.

  • CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor

    CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor

    Objectives: To give attendees knowledge and skills to plan and supervise scaffolding operations as first-line scaffolding supervisors/managers, trainee supervisors/managers, and foremen.

  • CISRS Skills Test Advanced

    CISRS Skills Test Advanced

    Objectives: The aim of the Advanced Skills Test is to assess delegates and ensure they meet the CISRS scheme requirements for a Scaffolder and NVQ Level 3 in access and rigging.

  • CISRS Skills Test Part 2

    CISRS Skills Test Part 2

    Objectives: The main aim of this scaffolding training course is to assess delegates to the CISRS scheme requirements for a scaffolder and NVQ Level 2 in access and rigging.



    Description: This course helps delegates to gain a solid understanding of the safety of Ex equipment, current safety legislation and codes of practice. It looks at the types of equipment used, protection types and maintenance of equipment in hazardous areas.



    This course provides the student with the knowledge and abilities to perform NORM surveys. The course meets the various State and Federal instruction requirements for employees working with and surveying for radioactive materials, and contains all topics covered in the NORM Worker and Awareness Course

  • NORM Awareness Course

    NORM Awareness Course

    This course meets State and Federal requirements for the instruction of personnel working with radioactive materials, or frequenting areas where these materials are stored or utilized. It provides essential knowledge that workers need to understand their risk when working with NORM and the precautions they need to take.



    Accidents are unplanned and unintentional events that result in harm or loss to personnel, property, production, or nearly anything that has some inherent value. Understanding how to prevent or control accidents requires an understanding of the sequence of events leading to an accident in order to identify and implement countermeasures that contain risks. The required amount of time to complete the course is dependent upon your knowledge of workplace...



    This course provides an understanding of the concept of a confined space and the various elements that may require a permit to be issued. The course focuses on assessing the hazards that may be present in a confined space and the proper means of the elimination. It delves into the proper implementation of a comprehensive confined space entry program with emphasis on hazard identification and the elements of an effective confined space permit. Roles,...



    This course can serve as a Train-the-Trainer Course to prepare you to teach others and to create and manage a DOT Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program. The course includes a PowerPoint presentation for training others. DOT requires that persons designated to determine 'reasonable suspicion' receive training on alcohol misuse and training on controlled substance use. This includes supervisors and anyone else who has occasion to direct drivers. This easy-to-use...



    Hazardous materials are defined by the Secretary of Transportation as those materials and substances that are capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety and property when transported in commerce. There are more than 800,000 hazardous materials shipments every day. The U.S. Department of Transportation is responsible for developing, issuing and enforcing the Hazardous Materials Regulations which are found in Title 49, Code of Federal...