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RS Dynamics

RS DYNAMICS has a distinguished track record going back over 26 years to our roots at the Geophysical Institute, d of the Academy of Sciences, being active in scientific instruments research and development. A generation on, we have grown into a leading international company in our field with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland as well as branch offices in Prague, EU and Tokyo, Japan, all backed up by a worldwide distributor network that is constantly growing and adapting to serve customer needs. The impressive rise of RS DYNAMICS was launched with the development of our first earth science instrumentation and field mapping methodology for soil and groundwater contamination surveys in the ECOPROBE family instrumentation. In response to customer needs, RS DYNAMICS has recently advanced this R&D still further by creating the smallest and fastest explosive trace detection device on the market – the miniEXPLONIX, now a bestseller all around the world.

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Baarerstrasse 57, Postfach 7441 , Zug , 6302 Switzerland
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Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)

RS DYNAMICS is a true Swiss-European company, applying the best in European science to make the world a safer place to live in.

RS DYNAMICS has developed the cutting edge of patented technologies in portable and handheld devices for detection of explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials, bringing also new technologies in earth science and pioneering medical diagnostics techniques.

Our current leading products were designed for explosives detection – the handheld miniEXPLONIX device for explosives detection, and the portable EXPLONIX for both detection and identification of explosives and radioactive materials. Both products were developed for field use, incorporating our own ground-breaking patented IRSSIL technologies. Military and non-military customers around the world are successfully using these products even in very hostile conditions such as hot, frost, sandy or humid environments.

Within Earth Sciences, on the other hand, our leading product is the ECOPROBE family instruments, supporting ecological and industrial applications such as soil and ground water sources contamination surveys. New market areas are still being developed, mainly in medical technologies, such as applications in the early detection of cancer.

This is still in a continuous process of refinement, with a fifth generation of the instrument now on the market. It has been used with success on virtually all continents. In the USA, for example, to monitor sensitive natural habitats, in South Africa in the petrochemical industry, in Japan for a number of environmental tasks and at many places in Middle East solving the problems in the field of contaminated groundwater sources mapping.

In the next phase of our growth, the knowledge gained from R&D of the ECOPROBE was put to good use in the highly challenging but increasingly crucial area of explosive trace detection. This led to the first version of the EXPLONIX range being developed, based on our own unique patented technology.

New market areas are still being developed, mainly in medical technologies, such as applications in the early detection of cancer. Parallel with this, R&D into explosive trace detection is engaged in continuous product refinement and the development of brand new products as well as applications. New areas of research promise to advance explosive trace detection still further, enabling us to keep one-step ahead of terrorists and other threats. In its research strategies RS DYNAMICS remains true to its scientific roots by co-operating with numerous leading institutions on research, creating crucial components to be used in state-of-the-art technologies (including our own innovative instruments) – this is our mission “science for homeland safety”.