RSC Bio Solutions designs products with an eye on performance and an eye on the future. Our readily biodegradable products perform superbly in both land and marine applications, they protect your equipment, and they are proven to lower your operating costs. Thanks to our corporate affiliations, we have direct access to—and constant collaborations with—RSC Chemical Solutions, which has more than 90 years of experience in the formulation, manufacture and distribution of cleaners, lubricants and functional fluids. Additionally, we’ve taken steps to extend our production and distribution network as the market for environmentally acceptable lubricants has grown globally. With a supply agreement with Chevron, domestic and international distribution through Drew Marine and DistributionNOW and a warehouse facility in Europe’s largest port, we’ve been able to increase the depth and breadth of biodegradable options for operations around the world.

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600 Radiator Road , Indian Trail , North Carolina 28079 USA

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Energy - Fuel Cells
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Beyond that, our products offer a level of sustainability and environmental responsibility that truly reduces any harmful risks to your workforce or the planet.

That’s what leaders do. They lead the way into the future. All while helping businesses move forward.


Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, RSC Bio Solutions was founded in 2010 by the owners of Radiator Specialty Company (RSC), a 90-year-old company that houses, among others, the LIQUID WRENCH® and GUNK®brands.

In 2013, RSC acquired a majority ownership interest in Terresolve Technologies, Ltd., a leading manufacturer of readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids, gear oils and greases  for both marine and land applications. Terresolve brought with it a stellar, 17-year track record and an extensive lubricants portfolio of products. 

Besides our EnviroLogic® branded technology, RSC Bio Solutions is also the exclusive North American licensee of SAFECARE®, an innovative line of cleaners and solvents for industrial markets. In 2016, we launched FUTERRA, a new revolutionary product line of bio-based lubricants.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and growth allows us to provide more solutions to more customers, while streamlining both the ordering and servicing process. And that’s how we keep moving forward.