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  • Air Permitting & Compliance Service

    Air Permitting & Compliance Service

    RTP provides comprehensive services to assist clients with obtaining environmental permits and necessary approvals to construct, modify and operate air emission sources. RTP’s team of experts has and continues to assist clients with a wide array of air permitting and compliance needs including, but not limited to, State and Federal registrations, construction and FESOP Permits, PSD permits, Title V Operating Permits, non-attainment offsets and...

  • Air Quality & Meteorological Monitoring Service

    Air Quality & Meteorological Monitoring Service

    RTP maintains strong capabilities in ambient and indoor air quality monitoring. We have extensive experience in performing monitoring studies for criteria pollutants as well as hazardous air pollutants and air toxics. Projects range from walk through surveys to continuous monitoring systems for ambient, stack or workplace environments. Project designs include complete PSD qualified monitoring systems for new projects to specialized approaches to meet...

  • Meteorology & Dispersion Modeling

    Meteorology & Dispersion Modeling

    One of the principal activities at RTP is applying atmospheric dispersion models for permitting, EIS development, facility de­sign, health risk assessments and other special purposes. RTP’s experience and knowledge allows us to provide the best possible modeling scenarios for individual project needs.  We define the operational flexibility essential to your business and then work closely with your project team to achieve regulatory...

  • Emission Inventory & Process Analysis

    Emission Inventory & Process Analysis

    Emission inventories and process analyses are applicable to a number of air regulations from permitting applications to compliance audits, worker health and safety issues, the demonstration of compliance with ambient air quality standards and permit requirements as well as other specialized requirements. RTP’s vast experience with pollution source processes and air regulations coupled with our varied project experience provides clients the...

  • Control Technology Determination/Evaluations

    Control Technology Determination/Evaluations

    Increasingly stringent environmental regulations require higher performance and greater reliability for new air pollution control (APC) systems. Existing APC systems become subject to new requirements for monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting as new deadlines and thresholds are developed by agencies. Failure to comply can mean significant penalties for the APC system owner and/or operator. Therefore, it is imperative for owner/operators to...

  • Risk Management Planning (RMP)

    Risk Management Planning (RMP)

    RTP understands the intricacies associated with successful preparation and implementation of RMP at a facility. In fact, RTP wrote the book on RMP, Risk Management Planning Handbook, published by Government Institutes in March, 1998, second edition Summer, 2002. RTP understands that the successful preparation of a RMP for a facility requires close-working cooperation between on-site staff and the consultant. On-site engineers typically know the...

  • Vapor Intrusion Monitoring and Modeling

    Vapor Intrusion Monitoring and Modeling

    Vapor intrusion and population exposures to toxic or hazardous materials are commonly regulated by local health authorities and permitting agencies.  The transport of vapors in various subsurface soil and into the vicinity of permeable structures provides a pathway of exposure to toxic and hazardous materials.  RTP staff have conducted surveys to identify vapor intrusion and worked with engineering groups to provide solutions that mitigate...

  • Air Toxics

    Air Toxics

    Air toxics are becoming an important environmental concern for many source categories.  Air toxics can involve all media.  Being able to evaluate all primary and lower order impacts is becoming part of various permitting and operating activities as well.  RTP staff have experience in monitoring ambient air toxics, source emission inventories, evaluating control technologies, preparing permit applications, reviewing process operations,...

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality

    RTP provides a wide range of indoor air quality services. These include surveys to help resolve complaints raised by employees who may be suffering building-related symptoms such as respiratory distressed allergic reactions more than usual colds and comfort-related complaints such as too hot, too cold or too dry.