RubiX S & I SAS

RubiX S & I SAS

RUBIX S&I is an analytical company dedicated, via a full portfolio of devices of services, like IOT modules, on-line instruments, data metrics to the monitoring of Indoor and Outdoor, Toxic, nuisances, safety and wellness at work. RUBIX has more than 100 man years of experience in sensors and particularly in gas sensors, VOC and odors. RUBIX S&I is now one of the major leaders in wellness and Comfort monitoring with an on line building mapping of physicals, chemicals and biologicals nuisances. We do capitalize, as well, on this expertise to develop customized miniaturized multi sensors devices for environmental, intelligent home, or Health.

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3 Avenue Didier Daurat , Toulouse , 31400 France
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Air Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Our BusinessThe analysis and the expertise of your environment


  • Stress
  • Sleep pattern impact


  • Asthma and cancers risks
  • Chemicals and biological origins
  • Allergens (dustmites and pollen)


  • Visual stress
  • Headaches


  • Create stress and low impact bone and spinal cord pains

Air Quality

  • CO2 Attention
  • FA, ( Formaldehyde) Skin irritation and respiratory difficulties
  • BTX ( benzen, Toluen, xylen) Aromatics compounds, allergy and throat cancer
  • Risks of Respiratory tracks cancer
  • Risks of Asthma


  • Low RH, Sinus irritation, dry mouth, dry eyes, allergy enhancer
  • High RH : mold and microbial activity facilitator, effort reducer