Rudolph/Libbe Companies is a full-service construction firm with design/build, construction management, special contracting and energy services capabilities. We are among the largest self-perform contractors in northwest Ohio. Rudolph/Libbe is an authorized Builder for Varco Pruden pre-engineered Building Systems. Rudolph/Libbe was recently ranked 105th on Solar Power World's 2013 Top Contractors List and is a member of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Company details

6494 Latcha Road , Walbridge , Ohio 43465 USA

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Construction & Construction Materials
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
Over 1000
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Rudolph/Libbe provides customized solutions that accurately meet your needs. Our team of construction professionals and expert craftsmen take a holistic approach to your project by taking the time to understand not just the project at hand, but also the business reason for the project as it relates to your entire operation.

Rudolph/Libbe Inc. is a national construction contractor headquartered near Toledo, Ohio with offices near Cleveland and Detroit. Rudolph/Libbe has grown steadily due to our focus on customer satisfaction, and has become one of the top providers of construction services in the nation. Relationships with repeat national clients have provided us with the opportunity to work throughout the United States. We’ve teamed with other best-in-class companies from across the nation, to strengthen our ability to work anywhere in the continental United States. For more information, visit the National Builder’s Alliance.

Range of Project Values

Rudolph/Libbe Inc. has completed multiple, simultaneous projects, each valued at more than $100 million dollars. We also complete numerous small projects through our Special Accounts Group, who annually completes more than 500 projects valued at under $500,000 each.

Rudolph/Libbe Inc. is all about people building solutions our customers value. We achieve our mission by living our core values. Core values remain constant. They are the enduring, fundamental beliefs that guide our actions every day.

Core Values:

Safety First

  • People feel my personal commitment to health and safety excellence.
  • I choose safe behaviors and safe conditions for every task, every day, and insist that my fellow associates do the same.

Act with Integrity

  • I live up to my responsibilities, and hold myself accountable for keeping my commitments and the commitments of the entire team.
  • I acknowledge my mistakes and make it right.

Respect for People

  • I treat others with dignity and mutual respect at all times.
  • I help create a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to be engaged and make a difference in their work.
  • When my coworkers and I need to discuss important issues, everyone is approachable, regardless of their positions in the Companies.

Customer Stewardship

  • I am passionate about ensuring the success of my external and internal customers.
  • I build long-term relationships with my customers by listening to them, understanding and anticipating their needs and delivering solutions they value.
  • I ensure that our customers have a great experience working with us.

Exceptional Teamwork

  • I do what needs to be done to ensure every team member's success.
  • I welcome differing viewpoints and encourage candid, sincere debate.
  • My coworkers and I openly exchange meaningful information about the direction and performance of our company.
  • I look for and support solutions that bring the greatest benefit to our customers, even when it requires sacrifice.

Building Strong Performance

  • I sweat the details that I control and positively influence the factors outside my direct control to ensure that the job is done. I investigate new ideas and develop innovative solutions to our team's challenges.
  • I consistently use our existing systems and processes, and I take a disciplined approach to improving them.

Make the World a Better Place

  • I give my time and resources to improve the quality of life in our communities.
  • My actions help build a sustainable future environment.

By living these core values, we achieve long-term success for our stakeholders – our customers, associates and shareholders. Rudolph/Libbe's mission is to help you get the most out of every process and facility investment you make so you can continue to build a better business. Our ultimate goal is to improve your business performance.

Rudolph/Libbe has extensive experience with all three primary methods of project delivery. We can help you choose which one is right for your project.

Why Is The Project Delivery Method Important?

The selection of a project delivery method is an important decision that defines the relationships among the owner, designer and constructor. These relationships (bound by specific contractual terms) can have wide-reaching effects on the project budget, schedule, quality and the amount of owner involvement required for the project.

What Are The Different Delivery Methods?

There are three primary methods of project delivery, each with its own contract structure and set of characteristics. These primary project delivery methods are:

  • Design/Bid/Build (D/B/B)
  • Design/Build (D/B)
  • Construction Management (CM)

The graph at the top shows the sequence of design, bid and construction as well as time saved for each delivery method. A more detailed description of each method is provided below.


Also known as the 'Traditional Method' or 'Plan & Spec', this method is characterized by a linear process where one task follows the completion of another, with virtually no overlap. First, a designer is selected, who completes the project plans and specifications based on the program or client's needs. Bids are solicited from general contractors, who then bid the project per the construction documents provided. The lowest bidder is typically awarded the work.


  • Competitive bidding is used to achieve the lowest price for the drawings and specifications
  • Typical project duration is longer than all other delivery methods
  • Selection of the general contractor is typically based on price, rather than experience or qualifications
  • Owner and architect are responsible for completeness and accuracy of construction documents
  • No construction input during design
  • Firm project pricing can only be established after the owner has incurred the majority of the cost for a complete design
  • Owner is financially responsible for conflicts among team members (Architect/Engineers & General Contractor) and cost overruns


The Design/Build (D/B) method of project delivery is characterized by a contractual arrangement where the general contractor is retained by the owner to deliver a complete project, inclusive of design services. A budget estimate is provided by the team early in the project, based on preliminary design criteria. The D/B team then develops drawings that fulfill the criteria and complete the design, without exceeding the project budget. Bids are then solicited, and awards made to subcontractors.


  • Single point of responsibility for design and construction
  • D/B team selection is based on qualifications, experience and individual team members
  • Owner benefits from early construction input during design, budget and planning phases (value-engineering/ constructability review)
  • Fastest project completion (design and construction activities can overlap)
  • Contract value can be established early in process
  • Reduced change-orders
  • Collaborative teaming approach
  • Majority of the project is competitively bid

Construction Management

The Construction Management (CM) method of project delivery allows the owner to interview and select a Construction Manager based on qualifications and experience. The Construction Manager and design team work together to develop and estimate the project. Contracts are awarded to subcontractors based on their submitted proposals.


  • Selection of Construction Manager based on qualifications, experience and individual team members
  • Construction Manager can provide design-phase assistance for budget, project planning, and value-engineering analysis
  • Continuous budget & schedule feedback possible
  • Faster schedule than D/B/B method (works well with fast-track)
  • Early establishment of GMP possible
  • Increased ability to handle changes in design and scope
  • Fewer changes required once construction begins

Rudolph/Libbe provides you with support in all phases of your facility's life cycle - from site selection, through design, construction and maintenance. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, our team of building professionals will serve you efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

You need a partner who can deliver the best project for your money, and Rudolph/Libbe has the experience and proven processes to do just that. Here’s what we do to deliver more value than any other construction services provider in the region:

Eliminate Safety Incidents

Every project begins with the development of a site-specific safety plan, which is implemented to ensure successful completion with zero safety incidents. A safe job site is a well-planned job site, which keeps your project moving.

Reduce Life Cycle Costs

By working with the architect/engineer during the initial stages of design, Rudolph/Libbe ensures that your facility and systems use the latest and most energy-efficient technology available.

Reduce The Impact of Changes

Rudolph/Libbe utilizes a number of measures to reduce the impact and cost of project changes. Our proven change management process, detailed cost estimates, constructability studies, detailed schedules and advanced technology such as BIM, AGTEK and 3D Laser Mapping all contribute toward reducing the impact of project changes. These measures provide our clients with timely and accurate information so they can make timely, informed decisions.

Eliminate Delays

To keep your project on track, Rudolph/Libbe develops and maintains a detailed critical path project schedule that coordinates manpower, material and equipment deliveries, long-lead items and more. Our self-perform workforce allows us to drive productivity and adjust man-power levels and/or sequencing to get your project back on track should unanticipated conditions arise. Rework is eliminated among structural, mechanical and electrical systems through our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Maximize Quality

Our highly skilled self-perform workforce gives us unmatched control over project quality. All completed work is inspected on a daily basis, and any non-complying work is promptly corrected. Project quality is an important component of customer satisfaction, which is tracked on every project. Over the years, Rudolph/Libbe has developed a long-standing reputation for delivering quality workmanship.

Eliminate Cost Overruns

We can eliminate design and construction cost overruns through our constructability reviews and value engineering services. These precautions ensure that your project can be built to your satisfaction without exceeding your budget.

What Does This Mean To You?

We provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your project is in good hands and will be delivered on-time, within budget and with the highest quality in the industry. Rudolph/Libbe has the right people, the right processes and the right tools to stretch your budget and provide you with the most value for your construction dollar.