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The Center for Research and Education in Bioluminescence and Biotechnology (CREBB) offers a series of continuing education workshops each year featuring nationally renowned presenters. CREBB is a component of Rutgers University, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. The CREBB mission is to perform basic research on bioluminescence and to utilize bioluminescence (especially the Green-Fluorescent Protein) as a tool to educate the scientific and industrial communities in the field of biotechnology. Our primary short course, Protein Purification: Principles & Practice, is a 5 ½ day hands-on laboratory course in which participants will learn skills to effectively design separation and purification strategies for downstream processing. This course uses the remarkable Green-Fluorescent Protein (GFP), a novel marker for gene expression, as the source material. While this is a general course applicable to all proteins, we use GFP as a highly effective visual teaching tool.

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Rutgers University Center for Research and Education in Bioluminescence and Biotechnology offer short courses.

The company founder and CEO, Rutgers professor Dr. William W. Ward, brings to the company 40 years of professional research experience as a protein biochemist. Professor Ward is a pioneer in the study of GFP, having begun his ground-breaking research on GFP in 1973. He has chaired three international symposia on GFP and has amassed more than 100 publications on this protein. He is the first person to use GFP in college-level lab courses and in hands-on corporate biotechnology training programs and seminars. Dr. Ward's innovative, proprietary methods enable Brighter Ideas, Inc. to produce premium proteins at wholesale prices below those of the competition.  The business plan for this division of Brighter Ideas is to produce, as catalog items, highly purified proteins used in research and diagnostics.  Brighter Ideas provides the most complete protein characterization in the industry.  At a minimum, each lot includes a packet of chromatographic data, a HPLC SEC profile, and the trace of a SDS PAGE analysis.As Brighter Ideas builds upon its current inventory, the company will conditionally accept special orders with no up-front investment by the client.


Protein Purification: Principles & Practice

This course is designed for experienced scientists as well as amateurs. It seems to work for everyone. The course integrates lecture and laboratory sessions to provide a comprehensive learning experience designed to educate everyone who is interested in separation and purification techniques used in downstream processing. Our past registrants have included bench scientists, professors, undergraduate and graduate students, professionals in management, marketing, sales & administration in the Life Sciences industries, and people of varying backgrounds who are new to Life Sciences, and wish to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Biochemical Separations: Introduction to Laboratory Techniques

This is an introductory level lecture/demonstration course designed for scientists and life science professionals having limited experience with laboratory separations.

Tutorials in Protein Purification

This course is an informal outgrowth of our two more formal courses, Biochemical Separations and Protein Purification, the latter a 5 ½ day comprehensive lecture/laboratory course and the former a three-day lecture only course. Registrants in Tutorials in Protein Purification have the best of both—hands on experience of the sort Protein Purification offers but over a much shorter time period and for a lower fee. Registrants receive all-day-long, one-on-one attention as I conduct a fairly complex purification project in your presence and with your assistance from time to time. I explain each step and answer questions as we go. During the three years Tutorial in Protein Purification has been offered, we have begun commercial protein production at our Rutgers spin-off company, Brighter Ideas, Inc. The company facilities enable us to bridge the gap between bench top protein purification and early stage pilot plant operations. As we now experience downstream processing on a daily basis, we can provide more information to registrants in the Tutorials than ever before.


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