RVX is a French research company (SME) in environment specializes in engineering process for waste recovery. RVX elaborates methods of recovery and develops waste treatment plants. The team develops new techniques and paths of recycling waste materials. It also optimizes your production efficiency in order to reduce the effluent level. Its know-how and its methodology can be applied in many fields and to any type of solid or liquid waste. All our studies are technico-economics and oriented to sustainable development. The goal is usually to turn a waste in raw materials utilizable by another industry.

Company details

ZI des Bordets Est, 53 rue du Busard des Roseaux , Bonneville , 74 130 France
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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Waste Science and Research
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


RVX carries out and develops units for recycling and recovering your waste materials, optimising your production efficiency in order to reduce the effluent level.

A detailed scheme of work is established at each step of development, from research to industrial operation :

  • Needs analysis / specification sheets
  • Technical-economic feasibility studies
  • Pilot unit or prototype design and construction
  • Turn-key installation

With RVX, you no longer pay for waste disposal.

You earn money by selling or recycling the extracted metals.

RVX also intervenes in environmental expertise offering services such as

  • soil pollution level survey
  • environmental diagnosis of industrial plants (Environmental Impact Study Procedure, ISO certification).

Following the realisation of diagnosis, we propose ways of management or ways for the rehabilitation of the impacted environment.

As a quality diagnosis is important for the development of sustainable projects, RVX have at our disposal efficient analytical means (ex. : quantitative analysis of metals by ICP) as well as qualified personnel.

Some of RVX's areas of expertise Waste recovering and recycling

  • Steelworks dust,
  • Shoopage,
  • Used batteries,
  • Metal hydroxide mud,
  • Residues of incineration fumes purification (REFIDI and REFIOM),
  • ...


  • Of polluted sites and soils,
  • Environmental,


  • Corrosion of elements of boiler reactors,
  • Clogging of nanofiltration membranes,
  • Bacterial contamination of oil baths,


  • Physicochemical analyses of solid (soil, mud, dust, REFIOM, REFIDI…)
  • Physicochemical analyses of liquid (spring water, rivers, underground water, purification water…) waste/effluent

Means and human resources

Based in the Savoie region, RVX have diverse scientifical sources : data base, INPG, Polytech' Savoie, CTDEC ...

RVX is a member of the competitiveness cluster Axelera (Chemistry and Environment)

Our technological resources are also considerable : analytical laboratory, experiments in a research laboratory and in a technical hall with waste treatment pilots…

Innovative technologies

Basic hydrometallurgy, magnetic activation, ultrasound use, melted salt technologies, SEDEEL process, chlorination, pyrolysis…

Many patents registered

RVX engineers have many weapons of choice to respond to your needs.