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  • MolecuLoc - Proprietary Formula

    MolecuLoc - Proprietary Formula

    MolecuLoc is proprietary formula of an alumina silicate member of the family of micro porous solids known as 'Molecular Sieves.' The term Molecular Sieve refers to a particular property of these materials, i.e., the ability to selectively sort molecules based primarily on a size exclusion process. This is due to a very regular pore structure of molecular dimensions. The maximum size of the molecular or ionic species that can enter the pores of a sieve...

  • SeaScrub - Floating Absorbent Granules

    SeaScrub - Floating Absorbent Granules

    SeaScrub floating absorbent granules are designed to contain and absorb water borne spills that occur frequently at docks and marinas, as well as accident scenes where fuels and oils are released into the water. It is highly effective for larger releases like crude oil and diesel that can devastate shorelines and kill aquatic life. SeaScrub works well on fresh, salty or brackish water to control and encapsulate hydrocarbon spills safely and quickly....

  • BioLoc - Sterilizing Solidifier (SS)

    BioLoc - Sterilizing Solidifier (SS)

    BioLoc tm is a purpose built specialty absorbent product that utilizes standard Moleculoc as a base ingredient for its formulation. This gives BioLoc all of the superior absorptive qualities as its parent product, while inclusions of certain other natural and inert minerals enhances those abilities and allows BioLoc to provide some very distinct advantages over other types of bio-hazardous clean up alternatives.

  • ShoreBloc - Aggregation of Larger Amorphous Alumina Silicate Granules

    ShoreBloc - Aggregation of Larger Amorphous Alumina Silicate Granules

    ShoreBloc is the first product of its kind specifically designed to safely and effectively protect shorelines and sensitive eco-systems from the harmful effects of incoming water borne spills. ShoreBloc is a specialized aggregation of larger amorphous alumina silicate granules that trap and encapsulate floating hydrocarbons as they make land fall. ShoreBloc is effective in controlling heavy oils, crude oil, diesel and other fuels, as well as hydraulic...

  • MolecuLoc - Floating Absorbent Booms

    MolecuLoc - Floating Absorbent Booms

    MolecuLoc Floating Absorbent Booms are engineered and manufactured in the U.S. from domestic materials to answer the need for an inexpensive and environmentally responsible alternative to competitive products which typically contain inferior products such as corn husks, cotton fibers and cellulose (paper and wood fiber) materials that must be disposed of as hazardous solid waste.   Although these products are marginally effective, they can...

  • Moleculoc - Fur & Feather Duster

    Moleculoc - Fur & Feather Duster

    Moleculoc's Fur and feather Duster is a much softer formulation of the original Moleculoc absorbent recipe. It is specifically designed to be less abrasive on the sensitive feather structures of shore and sea birds and the fur and skin of oil soaked marine animals. It appeals to the natural instincts of these creatures that habitually use dust and sand to clean and preen themselves, while it aggressively removes and encapsulates the oily contamination...

  • Moleculoc - Spill Kits

    Moleculoc - Spill Kits

    Moleculoc has created a complete spill kit ideal for on-site mitigation due to a fuel spill, hydraulic leak, oil leak or other on-site need. All kits come with glasses, mask, gloves and Moleculoc.