S.I.C.A.V Srl

S.I.C.A.V Srl

S.I.C.A.V Srl

SICAV is on activated carbon market since 25 years. Beside the production and sale of virgin activated carbons, SICAV make the thermal reactivation of exhaust activated carbons. For treatment and storage of exhaust activated carbon we are authorized according to the Italian laws DLgs. 22/97 and D.P.R. 203/88. SICAV is certificate according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001-2004 and EMAS.

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Sede Legale e Operativa: Zona Industriale , GISSI (Chieti) , 66052 Italy
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)


What is the activated carbon?
With term “activated carbon” are identified substances with high adsorption properties.

The high adsorptive capacity is due at internal porosity produced during the activation treatment.

The activation is the last step of a very complicated process, that come from a carbonisation of raw material like: lignite, bituminous coal, coconut shell, fruit stone, torba, raw dust and residual from petroleum process, etc.

During the activation the carbon is exposed at heating at very high temperature under steam flow (physical activation) or by chemical reagent (chemical activation); at high number of internal pores with molecular dimension are developed during these processes, where we can find at high exchange surface. This surface can, in function of raw materials and activation process, be higher than 1000 m 2/g of carbon. The atoms of carbon on internal surface of activated carbon make an attraction force on molecules of liquid and gas. The intensity of that force is function of the nature of molecules.
The mean field where the activated carbons can be used are in treatment of water and gas. The use in these fields are increasing by increasing of environmental problems. The activated carbons are used for to remove the pollutants for increase the quality of products, moreover in such case the removal of pollutants is done for to reuse these substances in production cycle (Ex. solvent recovery)
The activated carbons are commercialised with three different shapes:

  • Powder, Particle size < 200 mesh;
    with this shape is used for adsorbment in liquid phase, mixing directly with the liquid waste( the separation will be done by sedimentation and filtration);
  • Granular, used especially for treatment of water and waste water. With particle size in the range 4-40 US Mesh;
  • Pellets, with cylindrical form manufactured by extrusion. Used especially in gas and air treatment.