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  • Water-Resource Studies Service

    Water-Resource Studies Service

    Given the protracted nature of many water-resource problems, it is critical that a consultant has the ability to define and focus on the relevant issues in order to develop timely and cost-effective solutions.

  • Remediation Feasibility Studies & Design Service

    Remediation Feasibility Studies & Design Service

    Augmenting our capabilities in investigating and defining the presence and extent of contamination in soil, water and sediment, SSP&A has the expertise for addressing that contamination and identifying the appropriate approach for remediation. Not only are we familiar with state-of-the-art technologies, SSP&A's engineering and scientific staff can design innovative and supportable approaches for remediation of complicated contamination...

  • Geochemical Studies Service

    Geochemical Studies Service

    Since its founding in 1979, SSP&A has pioneered the application of geochemistry to the field of hydrogeology.

  • Database, GIS, & Mapping Service

    Database, GIS, & Mapping Service

    Database management and Geographical Information Systems (GISs) have become indispensable in environmental and water resource management.

  • Applied Research Service

    Applied Research Service

    SSP&A's recognized expertise in groundwater, geochemistry, and environmental science has led to several ongoing research projects.

  • Ecohydrology Projects Service

    Ecohydrology Projects Service

    SSP&A has applied its recognized expertise in groundwater, surface water, and environmental science to several ecohydrology projects.