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  • Version PATH3DU - Particle Tracking Software

    Version PATH3DU - Particle Tracking Software

    S.S. Papadopulos and Associates. Inc., in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, has developed a powerful, state-of-the-art particle tracking software for groundwater models with unstructured grids. Armed with high-order Runge-Kutta ODE solvers and multi-threading support, mod-PATH3DU is the most powerful particle tracking program available for MODFLOW and MODFLOW-USG.

  • Decay - Analytical Software

    Decay - Analytical Software

    DECAY is an analytical solution for one-dimensional transport of multiple species along a decay chain with branching. The treatment of branching accommodates species potentially having more than one parent and species having more than one daughter product. The DECAY solution considers advection, dispersion, equilibrium sorption, and first-order straight-chain and branching decay reactions. The species may have different dispersion and sorption...

  • Open Excavation Flow Calculator Software

    Open Excavation Flow Calculator Software

    A set of steady-state analytical solutions of groundwater inflows to open excavations is assembled. The solutions are appropriate for developing preliminary estimates of long-term rates of groundwater flows into open excavations.

  • Releases GroundWater Desktop Software

    Releases GroundWater Desktop Software

    Groundwater Desktop (GWD) is a fully 3D interface for visualizing groundwater models and their results. While GWD is flexible and might be used to visualize any model, development to-date has focused on MODFLOW, MODPATH, and MT3D, including the latest unstructured grid capabilities within MODFLOW-USG. GWD enables users to view the model numerical grid, input data such as properties and boundary conditions, and output data including heads,...

  • Version MT3D - Leading Code Software

    Version MT3D - Leading Code Software

    MT3D99 - The Leading Code for Analyzing Contaminant Migration in Groundwater. MT3D99 builds on the strengths of the public-domain MT3DMS code, and includes significant new enhancements to improve performance and increase the functionality of the MT3D96 and MT3DMS codes.

  • Version MPNE 1D - General Analytical Software

    Version MPNE 1D - General Analytical Software

    MPNE1D A General Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Transport. MPNE1D is a FORTRAN90 code that implements the general analytical solution for one-dimensional solute transport.