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  • NEW Shredder for WEEE material

    NEW Shredder for WEEE material

    Delivered and installed to the Emirates a new shredder for the electronic waste shredding on Security Data Destruction application.  The machine equipped with 44 kW is a small and compact SA2-1000XS which answered completely the request of the ...

  • New shredder deliveries

    New shredder deliveries

    Two new units were delivered by SA Eng. A small SA1 - 600 for reserved document destruction was delivered to the Middle East and its bigger brother SA1 - 1300 was delivered to Northern Europe for the treatment of plastics. SA Eng is involved in ...

  • SA Eng in 2016

    SA Eng in 2016

    “Behind every successful company there is someone who made a brave decision…” Experience and courage has distinguished 2016 as a successful year for SA Eng. An adventure started to take in the market innovative technologies for ...

  • RWM 2016 a useful success

    RWM 2016 a useful success

    Presenting a NEW technology, the TT250 was the success key of the exhibition. Direct deals and the introduction to new potential clients gives us the opportunity to grow up further in the market and make knowing much better our brand name and ...

  • The production facility

    The production facility

    Following our philosophy, SA Eng. grows in the structure. With new production areas for the different sizes of machines and an appropriate area for the storage of the machines and spare parts ready to be shipped, SA Eng. provides a complete service ...

  • New SA Eng Cardboard Tubes Shredder model TT250

    New SA Eng Cardboard Tubes Shredder model TT250

    The NEW SA Eng Shredder, Model TT250, conceived and produced for the treatment of cardboards tubes. The shredder, thanks to its strength and cut system, allows the shredding of tubes with the following characteristics: diameter ...

  • OTR shredding made by SA Eng

    OTR shredding made by SA Eng

    Many shredder’s producer are speaking about tires shredding, but is not so easy. Different kind of tires, different needs of the clients, various difficulty to keep the running costs at an adequate level. Power of the machines, size of the ...